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What is the armys motto,
What is meant by the term chain o...,
What is a commander
43  cards
Code of Conduct
How many articles are in the coc,
What is the first sentence of art...,
If you were to become a prisoner ...
8  cards
First Aid
What is the object of first aid,
What is first aid,
When would you not provide first ...
29  cards
Customs and Courtesies
When are army personnel in unifor...,
Who will salute first,
What should accompany the renderi...
16  cards
What does prt stand for,
What is physical readiness,
Whose program is the physical rea...
22  cards
Military Justice
What does the acronym ucmj stand for,
What is the ucmj,
What is essential for non judicia...
12  cards
Army Leadership
What is an army leader,
What is leadership,
What is toxic leadership
19  cards
Map Reading/Land Nav
What is the definition of a map,
Where will you find the legend of...,
How many different colors are fou...
14  cards
Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms
What does a soldiers appearance m...,
What is a matter of personal prid...,
Who has an individual responsibil...
14  cards
Military Awards and Decorations
What is an award,
What is a decoration,
How often can you get the good co...
13  cards
Field Hygiene and Sanitation
What is field sanitation,
What are the 4 types of waste,
What is the water requirement per...
10  cards
Army Programs
What does sudcc stand for,
What is meant by de glamorization...,
What are the ways that soldiers c...
13  cards
Guard Duty
What are the three general orders,
Hat two types of orders can a gua...,
What are two types of guard duty
10  cards
CBRN Operations
What does jslist stand for,
What does mopp stand for,
When under an nbc attack when do ...
14  cards
Individual Weapons
What does acog stand for,
What is stoppage,
What should soldiers apply to cle...
16  cards
Chain of Command
Who is the aviation branch csm,
Who is the aviation branch commander,
Who is your eo rep
19  cards
What reference covers army makeup...,
What reference covers cbrn,
What reference covers arc
30  cards
Extra Info
What are all nine lines in a nine...,
What are the different levels of ...,
What does tc3 stand for
5  cards

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