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Call for Fire (CFF)
What is the first element of a ca...,
What is the second element of a c...,
What is third element of a call f...
86  cards
Military Intelligence
What does wff stand for,
What does ipb stand for,
How many variables are in the con...
82  cards
Passages to Memorize
Recite the soldiers creed,
Recite the ocs alma mater,
Recite the general orders
14  cards
Leadership I - Army Leadership FM 6-22
How many attributes does an army ...,
What are the attributes of an arm...,
How many core competencies does a...
42  cards
Leadership II - Developing Others
What do good leaders do,
How do good leaders accomplish th...,
What are the four components of s...
44  cards
Leadership III - Combat Leadership
Define leadership,
How many styles of leadership are...,
List the styles of leadership
24  cards
Transition to Direct Leadership
How many phases are there during ...,
List the phases of a transition,
What are the steps for preparation
8  cards
Leadership Character
How does fm 6 22 define character,
What are beliefs,
What are ethics
12  cards
Operational Terms and Graphics
What are military symbols and why...,
What are the purpose to military ...,
Military symbols are used on
43  cards
Offensive Operations
What are offensive operations,
What are the 6 purposes of an off...,
What are the characteristics of a...
44  cards
Defensive Operations
Define a defensive operation,
What is the purpose of a defensiv...,
How many types of defensive opera...
21  cards
Offensive-Defensive Operations
What are full spectrum operations,
What is doctrine,
What does doctrine consist of
35  cards
Troop Leading Procedures (TLP)
What are tlps,
How many steps are in the tlp,
What are the steps
44  cards
Training Management
Define the army principles of tra...,
What are the three main phases of...,
Define plan
22  cards

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