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OCS: Biomechanics
Define biomechanics,
Define kinesiology,
Define kinematics
49  cards
OCS: soft tissue injury and repair
What is the body s initial respon...,
What is the body s initial respon...,
Describe basic vascular and cellu...
30  cards
OCS: bone injury and repair
What are the components that make...,
Effects of aging on bone,
Define compound open fracture
44  cards
Exercise Physiology
What measurement is considered th...,
Why is vo2 considered the best in...,
What are limiting factors in dete...
44  cards
List use mechanism of action pote...,
List use mechanism of action pote...,
List use mechanism of action pote...
49  cards
Define virchow s triad,
List states that are associated w...,
How common are genetic factors in...
22  cards
Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
What is complex regional pain syn...,
Other terms for crps,
Cardinal signs in crps
29  cards
Cryotherapy and moist heat
0  cards
Is the cellular membrane potentia...,
Define refractory period,
What is salutory jumping conduction
59  cards
Iontophoresis, ultrasound, phonophoresis, and laser therapy
Are iontophoresis and phono inter...,
Describe leduc s classic experiment,
Iontophoresis solutions indicatio...
42  cards
What is stress relaxation,
Define creep,
When stretching a muscle joint co...
21  cards
Manual Therapy
0  cards
Sports medicine
How are different degrees of spra...,
How are brachial plexus lesions c...,
Is it dangerous for the young ado...
6  cards
Scapulohumeral rhythm,
Anterior translation of g h occur...,
Posterior translation of the g h ...
128  cards
AC joint
What are the typical mechanisms o...,
Function of the ac joint,
What are the ligaments of the ac ...
93  cards
Ankle and Foot
What muscles lay in the first lay...,
What muscles lay in the second la...,
What muscles lay in the third lay...
99  cards
How many degrees of fredom are av...,
Describe fryette s laws of spinal...,
Normal ranges for c0 c1
52  cards
What is a plica,
Describe symptoms of an irritated...,
Describe the patellar trochlear g...
109  cards
What is the angel of the femur in...,
Which direction is the head of th...,
Do female anatomical differences ...
81  cards
Describe the typical pattern of r...,
Describe the cervical rotation la...,
Describe the typical pattern of m...
12  cards
1 what is the most common locatio...,
A 22 year old sedentary male pres...,
A 22 year old sedentary male pres...
113  cards
OCS McGee 2
A 55 year old male hospital volun...,
A 55 year old male hospital volun...,
3 what is the inverted reverse ac...
38  cards
SI joint
How is the si joint classified,
What is the function of the si joint,
What muscles contribute to the st...
14  cards
What is an independent variable,
What is a dependent variable,
What is a covariate
39  cards
Current Concepts
Case scenario 1 a physical therap...,
A physical therapist has just com...,
A physical therapist has just com...
48  cards
Describe the most imporant varus ...,
Describe the most imporant varus ...,
What is posterolateral rotatory i...
16  cards
What is the finkelstein test,
Cpr for de quervain syndrome 5 of 7,
Describe the first cmc grind test
22  cards
What is the clinical prediction r...,
What indication would lead to rec...,
What are the canadian cerv spine ...
6  cards
Shoulder McGee
Empty can vs full can which is be...
65  cards

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