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What are the characteristics of e...,
What is meant by the term overweight,
What are the three approaches to ...
34  cards
Customs and Courtesies
Can you salute a prisoner,
When are salutes not rendered,
When do enlisted members exchange...
28  cards
Military Justice
What kind of extra duty is an nco...,
Does a person have to accept an a...,
What is ucmj
18  cards
Name 5 phases in basic rifle mark...,
What is the first thing you shoul...,
What are the four fundamentals of...
33  cards
Land Navigation/Map Reading
What are the basic colors of a ma...,
What are military symbols,
Where is the legend of the map found
76  cards
Field Sanitation
What are 4 types of waste,
What is the water requirement per...,
A latrine can be no closer than w...
27  cards
First Aid
What is self aid,
Name some items that you might us...,
What is the quickest way to splin...
70  cards
FM 1-06
What is the financial management ...,
What is the resource management m...,
What is the finance operations mi...
6  cards
Army Programs
What does asap stand for,
What is the mission of asap,
What is meant by deglamorization ...
33  cards
Physical Fitness
When you take the apft what is th...,
What are the three phases of phys...,
About how long is the preparatory...
10  cards
Define leadership,
What is purpose,
What is direction
32  cards
Army Safety Program
What type of fire extinguisher mu...,
Who is responsible for the army s...,
The word safety is often associat...
7  cards
Finance Corps History
When was the finance corps origin...,
When was the finance regiment act...,
What is the motto of the finance ...
4  cards
Equal Opportunity
What does eo stand for,
What is an eor,
What rank should an eor normally be
18  cards
What does ar 600 20 cover,
What does sharp stand for,
What chapter covers the sharp pro...
21  cards
Drill and Ceremony
What are the three marching steps...,
What fm covers drill and ceremony,
What is a review
45  cards
The Army Profession
What is the army profession,
What are the essential characteri...,
What is the professional certific...
4  cards
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness
What are the five dimensions of s...,
What is the comprehensive soldier...,
What are the five pillars of comp...
3  cards
Chain of Command
When was the nco support channel ...,
What is sergeant s business,
What is a sergeant
15  cards
What are the four pillars of csff,
What are the mrt skills
2  cards
What army regulation prescribes t...,
What da pamphlet prescribes the p...,
What does the evaluation reportin...
32  cards

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