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The nco creed,
How many sma have there been,
Who are the four most recent serg...
18  cards
Unit History
Unit history,
4th battalion 3rd aviation regime...
2  cards
ADP 1 / ADRP 1 - The Army
What adp adrp covers the army,
What is the army profession,
What is an army professional
22  cards
Chain of Command and NCO Support Channel
Chain of command,
Nco support channel,
When was the nco support channel ...
17  cards
ADP 3-0 / ADRP 3-0 - Unified Land Operations
What adp adrp covers unified land...,
What is the army s warfighting do...,
What is the description of unifie...
17  cards
ADP 5-0 / ADRP 5-0 - The Operations Process
What adp adrp covers the operatio...,
What is the army s framework for ...,
What are the major mission comman...
12  cards
ADP 5-0 / ADRP 5-0 - The Operations Process
What are the troop leading proced...,
What is the purpose of the milita...,
What is mdmp
6  cards
ADP 6-0 / ADRP 6-0 - Mission Command
What adp adrp covers mission command,
What is mission command,
What is the exercise of authority...
23  cards
STP 21-1 / STP 21-24 / FM 3-22.9 / FM 3-22.68 – Rifle Marksmanship M16/A2 - 5.56 mm Semiautomatic Rifle
What is the fm concerning the m16...,
What is the first thing you shoul...,
Name the five phases in basic rif...
34  cards
STP 21-1 / STP 21-24 / FM 3-22.9 / FM 3-22.68 – Rifle Marksmanship M4 - 5.56 mm Semiautomatic Rifle
What is the fm concerning the m4 ...,
What is the first thing you shoul...,
Name the five phases in basic rif...
17  cards
STP 21-1 / STP 21-24 / FM 4-25.11 – First Aid
What is self aid,
Name some items that you might us...,
What is the quickest way to splin...
71  cards
AR 670-1 – Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms
What army regulation covers the w...,
Why is the flag worn on the right...,
Why are all soldiers in the us ar...
51  cards
ADP 6-22 / ADRP 6-22 - Army Leadership
What adp adrp covers army leadership,
What is the purpose of adp 6 22 a...,
What is leadership
24  cards
FM 6-22, APP B – Counseling
What field manual covers counseling,
What are the characteristics of e...,
What is the objective of counseling
27  cards
Army Programs-Education System
What regulation covers the aces,
What regulation covers army learn...,
What are the goals of aces
13  cards
Army Programs-Army Emergency Relief
What is the dollar limit on aer l...,
Failure to repay an aer loan unle...,
What is the aer motto
15  cards
Army Programs – Army Family Action Plan
What army regulation covers the a...,
What does afap stand for,
The afap program creates an infor...
7  cards
Army Programs – American Red Cross
What army regulation covers red c...,
What are some activities that the...,
How is the arc staffed for the mo...
4  cards
Army Programs - Army Retention Program
What army regulation covers the a...,
What are some reasons that a sold...,
What is an srb
9  cards
Army Programs – Army Safety Program
Accidents are reported in accorda...,
What type of fire extinguisher mu...,
Who is responsible for the army s...
9  cards
Army Programs – Army Sponsorship Program
What army regulation covers the t...,
Should there be a sponsorship pro...,
What da form is used to transmit ...
7  cards
Army Programs – Army Quality of Life Program
Quality of life needs and the pro...,
The primary goal of the armys qol...,
What does qolp stand for
5  cards
Army Programs –Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program/Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
Who is the senior enlisted adviso...,
According to ar 215 1 what does t...,
What are the 3 pillars of boss
8  cards
Army Programs – Equal Opportunity Program
What rank should an eor normally be,
Soldiers are required to have how...,
Define the term ethnic group
15  cards
ADP 1-02 / ADRP 1-02 - Operational Terms and Military Symbols
What adp adrp covers operational ...,
Who establishes army policy for d...,
Who is the principal audience for...
12  cards
ADP 3-05 / ADRP 3-05 - Special Operations
What factors determine the employ...,
What adp adrp covers special oper...,
What are the special operations c...
6  cards
ADP 3-07 / ADRP 3-07 – Stability
What are stability tasks,
What is a line of effort,
What is a decisive point
10  cards
ADP 3-09 / ADRP 3-09 – Fires
What are the core competencies of...,
What is fire support,
What is the objective of fires pl...
11  cards
ADP 3-28 / ADRP 3-28 - Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)
What are the 15 emergency support...,
What adp adrp covers defense supp...,
What are the primary documents co...
9  cards
ADP 3-37 / ADRP 3-37 – Protection
What adp adrp covers protection,
What is protection,
What are the protection principles
8  cards
ADP 3-90 / ADRP 3-90 - Offense and Defense
What adp adrp covers offense and ...,
What is tactics,
What is the tactical level of war
13  cards
ADP 4-0 / ADRP 4-0 – Sustainment
What adp adrp covers sustainment,
What is the sustainment warfighti...,
What is logistics
10  cards
FM 3-90, Vol 1 - Offense and Defense
What fm covers offense and defense,
What is the purpose of an offensi...,
What are the characteristics of o...
8  cards
FM 3-90, Vol 2 - Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks
What fm covers reconnaissance sec...,
A mission undertaken to obtain by...,
What are the five forms of reconn...
8  cards
General Orders
1st general order,
2nd general order,
3rd general order
3  cards
The Patch
0  cards

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