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SI - Types of conformity and explanations for conformity
Who proposed three types of confo...,
What were the 3 types of conformi...,
What is compliance
15  cards
SI - Variables affecting conformity
Who was the psychologist that stu...,
Describe the procedure of asch st...,
What was asch interested in when ...
19  cards
SI - Conformity to social roles
What question did zimbardo et al ...,
What experiment is zimbardo haney...,
Who carried out the spe
32  cards
SI - Situational variables affecting obedience
Describe the procedure of milgram...,
What were the findings of milgram...,
What were the 3 situational facto...
13  cards
SI - Agentic state and legitimacy of authority
What is milgrams research into ob...,
What does milgram seem to have de...,
What does agentic shift involve
22  cards
SI - The authoritarian personality
What was the f scale,
What were individuals with an aut...,
What did adorno et al find about ...
18  cards
SI - Resistance to social influence
What did asch 1956 find about the...,
The social support offered by the...,
What does the most important aspe...
21  cards
SI - Minority influence
What is the result of when the ma...,
What is the result of when the mi...,
What is a naive ppt
20  cards
SI - Social influence processes in social change
Give an example of social change ...,
What are the 2 methods of social ...,
What are the stages of social cha...
17  cards
M - Short- and long-term memory
In what 3 ways are stm and ltm di...,
How can the capacity of stm be as...,
Who used the digit span test to m...
33  cards
M - The multi-store model of memory
Who came up with the multi store ...,
What is the sensory register,
What is the capacity of the senso...
13  cards
M - The working memory model
What type of memory does the wmm ...,
What is the central executive,
What is the episodic buffer
18  cards
M - Types of long-term memory
What is an episodic memory,
What is a procedural memory,
What is a semantic memory
9  cards
M - Explanations for forgetting: Interference
What is interference an explanati...,
What are the 2 explanations of fo...,
Define interference
14  cards
M - Explanations for forgetting: Retrieval failure
What are cues,
Retrieval failure,
What is forgetting in ltm mainly ...
19  cards
M - Accuracy of eyewitness testimony: Misleading information
What are the 2 examples of mislea...,
How many examples of misleading i...,
Who did a study on leading questions
15  cards
M - Accuracy of eyewitness testimony: Anxiety
What effect does anxiety have on ...,
Explain the effect of stress anxi...
12  cards
M - Improving the accuracy of eyewitness testimony: The cognitive interview
What were the 2 main influences b...,
Cognitive interview,
Who developed the cognitive inter...
11  cards
At - Caregiver-infant interactions
What is an infant,
What are caregiver infant interac...,
What is reciprocity
11  cards
At - The development of attachment
Define multiple attachment,
Define primary attachment figure,
Define separation anxiety
14  cards
At - Animal studies of attachment
What is imprinting,
Describe the procedure of lorenzs...,
Describe the findings of lorenzs ...
14  cards
At - Explanations of attachment: Learning theory
What is classical conditioning,
What is learning theory,
What is operant conditioning
22  cards
At - Explanations of attachment: Bowlby's theory
What is the continuity hypothesis,
What is the critical period,
What is montropy monotropic
20  cards
At - Ainsworth's Strange Situation: Types of attachment
What was the aim of ainsworths st...,
Describe the procedure of ainswor...,
What were the 8 episodes in ainsw...
18  cards
At - Cultural variations in attachment
What are cultural variations,
What does culture mean,
What does subculture mean
21  cards
At - Bowlby's theory of maternal deprivation
Define deprivation,
Who came up with the theory of ma...,
What does bowlbys theory of mater...
14  cards
At - Romanian orphan studies: Effects of institutionalisation
Who studied the effects of instit...,
Who did the romanian orphans studies,
Describe the procedure of rutter ...
11  cards
At - The influence of early attachment
What is bowlbys concept of the in...,
Why how is the internal working m...,
What is a key study on the influe...
11  cards
P - Definitions of abnormality
What is psychopathology,
What is the scientific study of p...,
What is cultural relativism
25  cards
P - Mental disorders
What are the most common mental d...,
What category of mental disorders...,
What are phobias phobic disorders
30  cards
P - The behavioural approach to explaining phobias
Who came up with the two process ...,
What model did orval hobart mowre...,
In brief what does the two proces...
23  cards
P - The behavioural approach to treating phobias
What are the 2 behavioural approa...,
What do both sd and flooding involve,
What is counterconditioning in te...
27  cards
P - The cognitive approach to explaining depression
What are the 2 cognitive approach...,
What is the abc model,
What is the negative triad
19  cards
P - The cognitive approach to treating depression
What does the cognitive approach ...,
What is cbt,
What are irrational thoughts what...
17  cards
P - The biological approach to explaining OCD
What approach do we study for exp...,
What does the genetic explanation...,
What genes do we need to know abo...
30  cards
P - The biological approach to treating OCD
What approach do we look at for t...,
What treatments are there for ocd,
What are ssris
25  cards
Ap - The origins of psychology
Who was wilhelm wundt,
What did wundt study,
What was wundts aim and what did ...
26  cards
Ap - The behaviourist approach
What did behaviourists believe,
Who did research on classical con...,
Pavlov 1927
35  cards
Ap - Social learning theory
What did albert bandura believe,
What is the social learning theory,
What are the 4 mediational processes
19  cards
Ap - The cognitive approach
What does cognitive mean,
What is cognitive neuroscience,
What is the computer model in the...
18  cards
Ap - The biological approach
What does the biological approach...,
What are biological psychologists...,
As well as the genetic basis of b...
59  cards
Bio - The nervous system
How much of the bodys weight is m...,
What is the nervous system divide...,
What are the 2 parts of the cns
82  cards
Bio - Neurons and synaptic transmission
What is most of the brain made up of,
What are among the cells that mak...,
What are neurons
80  cards
Bio - The endocrine system
What do the endocrine and nervous...,
How does the endocrine system sen...,
What is the hypothalamus and what...
42  cards
Bio - The fight-or-flight response
What is the response to a threate...,
What are some reactions of the bo...,
When an individual is faced with ...
22  cards
RM - The experimental method
Define aims,
Define debriefing,
Define ethical issues
12  cards
RM - Control of variables
What are studies in psychology a ...,
Define confounding variable,
Define control
16  cards
RM - Return to hypotheses and other things
What is a confederate,
What is a directional hypothesis,
What is a non directional hypothesis
5  cards
RM - Experimental design
What is a comparison condition,
What is counterbalancing,
What is the experimental design
18  cards
RM - Laboratory and field experiments
What is a field experiment,
Do field experiments have high or...,
Lower as it is more difficult to ...
10  cards
RM - Natural and quasi experiments
Why arent quasi and natural exper...,
What is a natural experiment,
What are quasi experiments
14  cards
RM - More problems with experiments
What are demand characteristics,
What is the investigator effect,
What happens in a single blind de...
8  cards
RM - Sampling
What is bias,
What is an opportunity sample,
What is population
26  cards
RM - Ethical issues
What is confidentiality,
What is deception,
What is informed consent
24  cards
RM - Dealing with ethical issues
What is a cost benefit analysis,
What is debriefing,
What are ethical guidelines code ...
22  cards
RM - Observational techniques
What happens in an observational ...,
When why are observational techni...,
What figure would show that data ...
35  cards
RM - Observational design
Define behavioural categories,
What is event sampling,
What is sampling
15  cards
RM - Self-report techniques
What type of method is observation,
What are self report techniques,
What are some methods of non expe...
28  cards
RM - Self-report design
What are closed questions,
What type of data do closed quest...,
What are open questions
32  cards
RM - Correlations
What is a correlation,
Is correlation a research method,
What is a correlation used for
26  cards
RM - Other research methods
What is the multi method approach,
What is an example of a study tha...,
What do very few studies do
20  cards
RM - Mathematical skills
What is a fraction,
How do you make a fraction more c...,
What does per cent mean
26  cards
RM - Measures of central tendency and dispersion
What do descriptive statistics do,
What are the 4 levels of measurement,
What is nominal data
39  cards
RM - Display of quantitative data and data distributions
What is a bar chart,
What is a histogram,
What does it mean if there is a n...
27  cards
RM - Types of data
What are another two main types o...,
Is the dependent variable in an e...,
What type of questions collect qu...
24  cards
RM - Introduction to statistical testing
What are the 2 types of statistics,
What are examples of descriptive ...,
What are the 2 key issues with us...
32  cards
RM - The scientific process and peer review
What is peer review,
What does peer review stop from h...,
Who published fraudulent research
14  cards
RM - Psychology and the economy
What does the economy concern,
What was daniel kahneman rewarded...,
Who won a nobel prize in 2002
15  cards
Research methods glossary
Bar chart,
Behaviour categories
124  cards

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