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Intro to ATC/NAS
What year did the federal aviatio...,
The faa is part of what department,
What makes up the nas national ai...
26  cards
What is a movement area,
What color paint is used to mark ...,
What color paint is used to mark ...
25  cards
What are the 6 types of separation,
At what altitude do flight levels...,
What is minimum vertical separati...
18  cards
What is a notam,
What does a notam d pertain to,
What does a fdc notam pertain to
8  cards
Fundamentals of Radar
What are the two types of radar,
What is primary radar,
What is secondary radar
22  cards
FAA Orders and Manuals
Who puts out directives,
What types of directives are there,
What is the faa order 711010
15  cards
What is the purpose of an loa,
Who can be included in an loa,
What six items are normally in an...
6  cards
What classes of airspace are cont...,
What rules apply to all aircraft ...,
Where is class a airspace found
30  cards
What are fars,
What are some areas fars cover,
What is an air traffic clearance
26  cards
FAR Part 91
What are the 3 types of flight plans,
What is the primary purpose of a ...,
When is a dvfr flight plan required
18  cards
Principles of Flight
What is lift,
What two reasons create lift on a...,
What is an airfoil
24  cards
Wake Turbulence
What are vortices,
What 2 factors create maximum wak...,
Wake turbulence begins at _____
10  cards
Aircraft characteristics & recognition
What is a category i aircraft,
What is a category ii aircraft,
What is a category iii aircraft
9  cards
Basic Navigation
What direction do latitudes run w...,
What is a great circle,
How is a nautical mile defined
26  cards
Radio & Satellite Navigation
How many courses does a vor have,
What are the three classes of vors,
What is the range of a terminal vor
18  cards
VFR Charts & Publications
What are sectional charts designe...,
What is found on a sectional chart,
Airports with and without control...
7  cards
En Route IFR Charts
What altitudes are en route low a...,
How often are ifr charts updated,
What information is on an en rout...
14  cards
What is a sid,
What is a star,
What does a pilot put in remarks ...
3  cards
What are the 4 segments of an ins...,
What does a precision approach ha...,
What types of precision approache...
16  cards
Pilot's Environment
What 3 instruments utilize the pi...,
What is standard altimeter setting,
What 3 common instruments utilize...
10  cards
Intro to Emergencies
What is the first priority in an ...,
What is the general rule for hand...,
What are the 2 classifications of...
17  cards
Search & Rescue
Who coordinates a search rescue,
Who initiates search rescue for o...,
Who initiates search rescue for o...
4  cards
Fundamentals of Weather
What is the jet stream,
What speeds does the jet stream have,
What is the freezing level
18  cards
Hazardous Weather
What is considered ifr condtition...,
What causes most low visibilities,
What non water hazards can cause ...
21  cards
Current Weather
What is the scheduled time interv...,
What criteria will trigger a spec...,
Read metar kjax 021455 auto 21015...
10  cards
What is a pirep,
What does this pirep fragment mea...,
What does this pirep fragment mea...
12  cards
Forecasts & Advisories
What is a terminal aerodrome fore...,
What is wind shear,
In a taf what does tempo mean
14  cards
Basic Communications
What are radio frequencies to be ...,
What are the monitoring requireme...,
A pilot may leave the frequency i...
49  cards
How do you differentiate hand wri...,
How do you differentiate hand wri...,
How do you differentiate hand wri...
16  cards
ATC Clearances
What aircraft must obtain an atc ...,
What is pilot required to do when...,
What is the order of clearance items
8  cards

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