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Check before ATI
A s s inc icp b what med and how ...,
A seizure med phenytoin what to t...,
Manifestationa cataractsb angled ...
41  cards
Adult Medical Surgical Practice 2019 -2023 with NGN
A nurse is assessing a client who...,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
A nurse in a community clinic is ...
19  cards
Adult Proctored 1
Pt who has a femur fracture and i...,
A pt who has anemia and has been ...,
A pt who is postoperative after h...
34  cards
Adult Proctored 2
A pt who is at risk for seizures ...,
A teaching about skin cancer with...,
A teaching pt about cancer preven...
32  cards
Adult practice B
A knee arthroplasty how long it w...,
A nurse in an icu is assessing a ...,
Pt who is having a modified radic...
23  cards
Adult neuro
A what is tia b positive romberg ...,
A otitis media s s b pt who has e...,
A pt traumatic brain injury what ...
27  cards
Immune system ATI
A hiv turns aids s s b raynaud e ...,
A pneumocystis jiroveci oneumonia...,
A hep a what statement indeicate ...
9  cards
Adult cancer
A pt who is scheduled to undergo ...,
A pt who has lung cancer and deve...,
A pt who has leukemia what to teach
11  cards
Cardiac ATI
A nurse is preparing an aed for a...,
A nurse is caring for a pt who is...,
A nurse is planning for a pt who ...
38  cards
Adult GI
A guaiac testb fulminant hepatic ...,
Colorectal cancer preventionprima...,
A recovered from acute diverticul...
26  cards
A med probenecid medications inte...,
A risk of osteoporosisb what s s ...,
A pt who post ope following inner...
14  cards
A fresh frozen plasma ffp what la...,
Ecga hypocalcemiab hypokalemia c ...,
A thrombophlebitis actionb anemia...
6  cards
Endocrine ATI
A nurse is a provide s office is ...,
A nurse is reviewing the manifest...,
A nurse is providing instructions...
30  cards
Endocrine ATI 2
A nurse is teaching a pt who has ...,
A nurse is caring for a pt follow...,
A nurse is teaching a pt who has ...
28  cards
Adult 1
A inc sedimentation rate is alway...,
A ginko biloba causing b manifest...,
A has anorexia low grade fever ni...
30  cards
Adult 2
A nurse is planning care for a cl...,
A nurse is assessing a client who...,
A nurse is reviewing the laborato...
5  cards
Peds 1
A what care leukopenia secondary ...,
A what is intussusception b dx c ...,
A cleft lip and palate what care ...
30  cards
Peds 2
A toddler recommend activity b pr...,
Bmia normalb overweightc obese,
A what is the reason for administ...
30  cards
Peds 3
A preschool refre hospitalization...,
A nurse is collecting data from a...,
A nurse is teaching the mother of...
33  cards
Peds Practice A B
Normal levelhematocrit hegwbcplat...,
A allergies neomycin which vaccin...,
A infant who has rsv what action ...
31  cards
Peds vaccine
Http newborn,
2 months,
4 months
11  cards
Peds development
Infant 0 1yeareriksona what phase...,
Infant 0 1yinfant 0 1yearnutritio...
40  cards

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