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Ergonomic Principles (Fundamentals Ch 14)
Semi fowler s position,
Fowler s position,
High fowler s position
11  cards
Complimentary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) (Fundamentals Ch 42)
Acupuncture pressure,
Homeopathic medicine,
Naturopathic medicine
21  cards
Pain Management (Fundamentals Ch 41)
Nonpharmacological pain management,
Substances that increase pain tra...,
Substances that decrease pain tra...
15  cards
Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances (Fundamentals Ch 57)
Fluid volume deficits fvds,
Isotonic fvd
64  cards
Nutrition and Oral Hydration (Fundamentals Ch 39)
29  cards
Pharmacokinetics and Routes of Administration (Fundamentals Ch 46)
Verifying ng tube placement,
Stomach ph and color of contents,
Intestines ph and color of contents
8  cards
Nonpharmacological interventions (Fundamentals Ch 41)
Cutaneous skin stimulation transc...,
6  cards
Sources of Nutrition (Nutrition Ch 1)
3 types of carbohydrates,
Complex carbohydrates
54  cards
Guidelines for Healthy Eating (Nutrition Ch 4)
The us department of agriculture ...,
Dietary guidelines for americans ...,
8  cards
Nutrition Across the Lifespan (Nutrition Ch 7)
Major stages of the lifespan that...,
Pregnancy and lactation overview,
Recommended weight gain during pr...
18  cards
Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy (Pharmacology Ch 43)
Antimicrobial therapy antibiotic ...,
Bactericidal medications,
Bacteriostatic medications
8  cards
Antibiotics Affecting the Bacterial Cell Wall (Pharmacology Ch 44)
Bactericidal antibiotics,
Other penicillin medications
26  cards
Antibiotics Affecting Protein Synthesis (Pharmacology Ch 45)
Antibiotics affecting protein syn...,
Tetracyclines therapeutic uses
18  cards
Urinary Tract Infections (Pharmacology Ch 46)
Medications used to treat utis,
Sulfonamides and trimethoprim,
Sulfonamides and trimethoprim the...
19  cards
Mycobacterial, Fungal, and Parasitic Infections
Mycobacterium tuberculosis,
Metronidazole flagyl,
Antimycrobacterial antituberculosis
26  cards
Chemotherapy Agents (Pharmacology Ch 42)
Cytotoxic chemotherapy medications,
Cytotoxic chemotherapy,
Cytotoxic chemotherapy agents com...
44  cards

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