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Anatomical Terminology
64  cards
Diaphragm contracts and moves dow...,
What passes from alveoli to blood,
Diaphragm relaxes and moved downw...
7  cards
Carries oxygenated blood away fro...,
Caries deoxygenated blood to the ...,
Connect veins and arteries
32  cards
Starts with the mouth and ends wi...,
Physical breakdown,
Mucus and saliva contain enzymes ...
19  cards
Composed of the brain and spinal ...,
Central command system where all ...,
Composed of the nerves that branc...
16  cards
Attached to bones and responsible...,
Only voluntary tissue in the body,
Striated and very strong muscles
16  cards
Pair of oval shaped organs that p...,
A long coiled tube that stores an...,
Long thin tube that carries sperm...
18  cards
Made up of skin hair nails and ou...,
Outermost layer of the skin that ...,
Middle layer of the skin that con...
20  cards
Master gland of the endocrine system,
Produces growth hormone prolactin...,
Produces thyroxin and calcitonin
30  cards
Pair of organs that filters blood...,
Outer layer of the kidney that co...,
Stimulated in the production of n...
19  cards
First line of defense against inf...,
One of the 1st responses when blo...,
Types of the immune system
19  cards
Skeletal system is made up of bon...,
Bones are held together at joints...,
4 major types of bone
22  cards
Biological Hierarchy of the Body/Cell Structure and Function
Help build cells,
Chemicals that are essential to life,
Basic unit of life
33  cards
Mitosis & Meiosis
Sequence of events cells go throu...,
Mitosis results in _ genetically ...,
1st stage of the cell cycle when ...
16  cards
Long thread like structures that ...,
How many chromosomes in every hum...,
Chromosomes are made up of ____ a...
9  cards
Basic unit of heredity,
Made up of dna and are responsibl...,
Genes are passed down from ___ to...
8  cards
Made up of 2 long chains of nucle...,
Dna contains ___ that are coded w...,
Sequence of nucleotides in dna de...
15  cards
Transcription & Translation
Process of making rna from dna,
Enzyme that catalyzes the formati...,
Enzymes attached to one end of th...
16  cards
Dominant and Recessive Traits
Process by which traits are inher...,
States that there are 2 alleles f...,
Alternative forms of genes
5  cards
Inheritance of Gene Pairs & Non Mendelian Inheritance
Each parent contributes ___ allel...,
Combination of 2 alleles,
Chromosome contains 2 different a...
11  cards
Micro organisms are also known as...,
Tiny organisms that are too small...,
Single celled organisms that can ...
21  cards
Infectious vs. Non-Infectious
Can be spread from one person to ...,
Commonly known as communicable di...,
Examples include chickenpox covid...
12  cards
Instrument used to enlarge object...,
2 main types of microscopes,
Dependent on a light source
7  cards
Parts of an Atom
Particle with single positive charge,
Particle with no electric charge,
Particle has a negative charge
18  cards
Periodic Table of Elements
Elements are organized by _____ a...,
The columns of periodic table are...,
The rows of the periodic table are
17  cards
Areas where electrons are likely ...,
Different to accommodate the diff...,
Spherical area surrounding the nu...
24  cards
Mass, Volume, and Density
Anything that has mass and takes ...,
Refer to the different properties...,
Amount of matter in an object
38  cards
Chemical Reactions
Located in the outermost shell of...,
Electrons are the most stable whe...,
Atoms can ____ or ____ valence el...
8  cards
Chemical Equations
Represented by chemical equations,
Chemical equations are written us...,
Represents elements in the reaction
13  cards
Factors that Influence Reaction Rates
Speeds up reactions,
Reactions that absorb heat,
Reactions to release heat
5  cards
Chemical Equilibrium
Rate of the forward reaction is t...,
Types of equilibria,
The forwards and reverse reaction...
6  cards
Speeds up rate of reaction withou...,
Minimun amount of energy that is ...,
Catalysts ____ the activation ene...
5  cards
Polarity of Water
Polarity of water allows it to fo...,
Weak attractions between molecules,
Process of similar molecule surro...
9  cards
Solvents and Solutes
Substance that dissolves in anoth...,
Most universal solvent,
Substance that dissolves in a sol...
11  cards
Concentration and Dilution of Solutions
Amount of solute that is dissolve...,
Process of adding solvent to a so...,
Unit of measurement the describes...
4  cards
Osmosis and Diffusion
Process of water molecules moving...,
Process of molecules moving from ...,
Diffusion deal with
7  cards
Acids and Bases
Molecules that increases the conc...,
Molecule that decreases the conce...,
Hydrogen ion are extremely
19  cards
Neutralization of Reactions
Chemical reaction between an acid...,
Reaction between stomach acid and...,
Products of a neutralization reac...
4  cards
Units of Measurement & Drawing Conclusions
Length distance,
Volume measure in
25  cards
Evaluating Evidence
Information that can be trusted a...,
Information that accurately repre...,
Harmless substance that has no th...
9  cards
Determining Casual Relationships and Sequence of Events
Relationships are difficult to de...,
Determining a casual relationship...,
May include the process of body t...
3  cards
Scientific Reasoning
1st step of scientific method,
2nd step of scientific method,
3rd step of scientific method
13  cards
Large molecules that are essentia...,
Macromolecule that is made up of ...,
Chemicals reactions can occur kno...
5  cards
Composed of hydrogen oxygen and c...,
Known as sugars or starches and i...,
Types of carbs
16  cards
Composed of hydrogen carbon and o...,
Important for energy storage stru...,
Formed by a linear arrangement of...
16  cards
Composed of carbon hydrogen oxyge...,
Made up of smaller units called a...,
Amino acids are linked together b...
10  cards
Nucleic Acids
Double helix shaped nucleic acid,
Composed of carbon hydrogen oxyge...,
2 types of nucleic acids
4  cards
States that allele pairs segregat...,
What bonds would you see in nitro...,
Chromosomes include numerous ____...
21  cards
Abdominal Regions
Right kidney,
37  cards
Metric System
0  cards

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