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Ch.1 The Atmosphere
At what height and temperature is...,
At what height and temperature is...,
What defines the tropopause
13  cards
Practice Exam Q's
If a mature cyclone is moving eas...,
When atmospheric conditions are u...,
A surface inversion is formed by ...
64  cards
Review Test Questions
Our weather is due to the atmosph...,
Pressure may be defined as a mass...,
The qnh altimeter setting is the ...
67  cards
True Altitude
If the conditions are colder than...,
If the conditions are warmer than...,
What is the estimated rule of thu...
3  cards
What are the 3 types of icing,
What conditions create hoar frost...,
What is time ice what type of dro...
6  cards
What is wind shear defined as,
What is a low level jet,
What is turbulence
14  cards
Define conditions to classify fog,
What 2 processes create fog,
What 2 things disperse fog
16  cards
Synoptic Charts
What is an airstream,
What conditions are generally ass...,
What conditions are generally ass...
19  cards
What are the 4 basic cloud types,
What are the 3 cloud types in the...,
What are the 2 cloud types in the...
27  cards
What is wind velocity and how is ...,
What height is wind velocity meas...,
Define a gust
25  cards
Atmospheric Stabilty
Moisture exists in 3 states,
Changes of state exchange of late...,
Changes of state exchange of late...
25  cards
Atmospheric Pressure
What gases and percentages make u...,
What are isobars,
What is the pressure in hpa and h...
23  cards
Ch.2 Heat Exchange Process
What are the three ways heat may ...,
Define radiation,
What temperature is absolute zero
8  cards
The International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)
What is the standard environmenta...,
What height is the isa tropopause,
What is the isa mean sea level ms...
4  cards

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