az real estate law, business, & ethics

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AZ- Law
The body of law that has grown ou...,
The authority for real estate lic...
2  cards
Real Estate- Business (Roles)
Mortgage brokers or bankers hire ...,
When a license is issued to a cor...,
In real estate to qualify as an i...
11  cards
AZ Licensing Law
All of the following are approved...,
After issue a real estate license...,
Which of the following is not req...
13  cards
Land & Real Estate
A building added to the land is k...,
Rights privileges and improvement...,
All of the following are separabl...
19  cards
Real & Personal Property
There are 5 rights included in th...,
All of the following are methods ...,
Condemnation of private property ...
28  cards
Real Estate Math
A broker has a listing on a vacan...,
A brokers commission was 8 of the...,
If a salesperson listed and sold ...
15  cards
Legal Descriptions- Real Estate
An acre of land contains a 640 se...,
Basic methods used in legal descr...,
A government check is described b...
17  cards
Ch. 6 Government Land Ownership and Use Control
In arizona approximately what per...,
Public ownership of land in arizo...,
The state land department a estab...
20  cards
Ch. 7 Subdivisions
How long does the buyer have the ...,
Which of the following statements...,
What is the purposed of the commi...
20  cards
Ch. 8 Encumbrances
A right of way across an adjoinin...,
A tract of land benefited by an e...,
A deed restriction does not permi...
21  cards
Ch 9: Home Ownership, Insurance and Construction
A deduction a homeowner has for i...,
All of the following are benefits...,
A dwelling insurance policy cover...
20  cards
Ch 10: Freehold Estates and How Property is Held
An estate that is less than a fre...,
The characteristics of a freehold...,
A person who receives a fee inter...
27  cards
Ch 11: Entities for Ownership
A limited partner may not a share...,
A corporate officers authority to...,
A limited partner is always a lim...
20  cards
Ch 12: Agency Law and Disclosure
The holder of a general power of ...,
A real estate salesperson in sell...,
An instrument authorizing one per...
25  cards
Ch 13: Listing Agreements
A broker listed a widow1s propert...,
While negotiating a listing the s...,
Elizabeth is a salesperson with 1...
25  cards
Ch 14: Environmental Issues & Arizona Water Law
A preliminary site analysis a is ...,
A phase i environmental assessmen...,
The environmental phase typically...
25  cards
Ch 15: Contract Law
A contract could best be describe...,
A written agreement whereby the s...,
Equitable title under an executor...
25  cards
Ch 16: Title and Transferring Title
Tom sold to dick but dick recorde...,
Jean sold a house to mary who imm...,
In the chain of title a patent wo...
25  cards
Ch 17: Recording Acts and Title Insurance
Each county in arizona has a publ...,
Recording does not give a presump...,
Real estate title information is ...
19  cards
Ch 18: Closing the Transaction
All of the following closing cost...,
All of the following closing cost...,
Loans covered by respa must compl...
22  cards
Ch 19: Real Estate Appraisal
A political factor influencing va...,
Depreciation is divided into thre...,
Depreciation is most important to...
28  cards
Ch 20: Control of Money and Real Estate Finance
Which of the following is not a v...,
The closing disclosure form requi...,
The types of credit transactions ...
25  cards
Ch 21: Real Estate Financing Instruments
Bare legal title best describes t...,
A builder purchased a lot with a ...,
Arizona is considered to be a a m...
25  cards
Ch 22: Qualifying Buyers, Interest & Discount Points
The rate of interest that is char...,
A buyer who desires to reduce the...,
Interest rates on conventional va...
15  cards
Ch 23: Loan Satisfaction, Assumption, Defaults & Foreclosures
A mortgage that is subordinate to...,
In a judicial foreclosure the per...,
A borrower can be relieved of pri...
25  cards
Ch 24: Leasehold Estates
A lease may be verbal and not wri...,
Upon the expiration of the lease ...,
An estate at will is a an a form ...
24  cards
Ch 25: Property Management & Arizona Landlord Tenant Acts
Which of the following is not tru...,
A property managers fee often con...,
A broker with an ongoing property...
24  cards
Ch 26: Fair Housing
What does the civil rights act of...,
The landmark case concerning the ...,
An example of blockbusting would ...
25  cards
Ch 27: Arizona Real Estate Code and Commissioners Rules
The term of a member of the advis...,
Who is responsible for formulatin...,
Members of the real estate adviso...
25  cards
Ch 28: Investing in Real Estate and Income Tax Aspects of Real Estate
A commercial property was purchas...,
The highest price which a propert...,
Net cash flow equals a gross inco...
25  cards

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