florida real estate principles, practices & law

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Chapter 1 (The Real Estate Business)
The real estate business,
Real estate brokerage,
Follow up
18  cards
Chapter 3 (License Law Administration)
The florida real estate commission,
Composition and qualifications,
28  cards
Chapter 4 (Authorized Relationships and Ethics)
Authorized Relationships and Ethics
26  cards
Chapter 9 (Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions)
Abstract of title,
Actual notice
65  cards
Chapter 10 (Legal Descriptions)
Legal description,
There are five additional purpose...
21  cards
Chapter 11 (Real Estate Contracts)
Real estate licensees are allowed...,
Essentials of a contract,
What is a contract
38  cards
Chapter 12 (Residential Mortgages)
Mortgage law,
Loan instruments,
18  cards
Chapter 13 (Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing)
Conventional mortgages,
Interest rate,
77  cards
Chapter 14 (Computations and Title Closing)
Parts of a fraction,
Changing fractions to decimals,
Changing decimals to percentages
33  cards
Chapter 15 (Estimating Real Property Value)
Federally related transaction,
Transaction value,
Types of value
35  cards
Chapter 16 (Product Knowledge)
Lot types,
Footer and foundation,
27  cards
Chapter 17 (Real Estate Investment Analysis and Business Opportunity Brokerage)
Need for real estate investment a...,
Types of real estate investments
33  cards
Chapter 18 (Taxes Affecting Real Estate)
City and county property taxes,
The real property taxation process,
Just value
42  cards
Chapter 19 (The Real Estate Market)
Three key questions,
Characteristics of the real estat...
22  cards
Chapter 20 (Planning and Zoning)
History of planning and zoning,
Planning goals
42  cards
Chapter 2 (License Law and Qualifications for Licensure)
Caveat emptor,
Historical perspective of florida...,
Statutes and rules important to r...
34  cards
Chapter 5 (Real Estate Brokerage Operations)
Brokerage offices,
Branch offices,
Office signs
42  cards

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florida real estate principles, practices & law

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