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What are the agent s of the folat...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the spectrum of activity ...
136  cards
What is the microscopic appearanc...,
Is staphylococcus catalase positi...,
Is staph aureus coagulase positiv...
27  cards
Streptococci and Enterococci
Are streptococci catalase positiv...,
What do streptococci look like mi...,
What are the different classifica...
58  cards
Haemophillus, Legionella, Bordetella, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma
What is the morphology of haemoph...,
Can you grow haemophilus on blood...,
What types of diseases does encap...
39  cards
Morphologic characteristics of as...,
Morphologic characteristics of zy...,
Morphologic characeristics of can...
107  cards
Other lectures (not drugs or bugs)
What are koch s postulates,
What is the infectious cycle of a...,
What are the two general mechanis...
107  cards
E. Coli & Related Organisms
What are major serotypes of e col...,
What is etec,
What is epec
34  cards
Pseudomonas, other Gram neg rods
What are two microbiological char...,
Where do you find pseudomonas,
What are the cell surface virulen...
14  cards
What is unique about the cell wal...,
What staining procedure is used f...,
What are the antigens in a tuberc...
28  cards
What is the proper way to get ana...,
What is the morphology of peptost...,
What is the morphology of clostri...
46  cards
Salmonella, Shigella Campylobacter, Helicobacter, Yersinia
What is a way that many people ha...,
What two organisms cause the most...,
Which species of salmonella has v...
41  cards
Vibrio and Aeromonas
What is the clinical presentation...,
What is the treatment for cholera,
What is the difference between o1...
18  cards
Uncommon Bacterial Pathogens
What 3 pathogens are on the a lis...,
What is the morphology of bacillu...,
How is bacillus anthracis transmi...
27  cards
Syphilis and Lyme Disease
What are the 3 medically importan...,
Which spirochete is a strict huma...,
What presentation is associated w...
18  cards
What are two most clinically impo...,
What is the morphology of neisseria,
Which species of neisseria have a...
24  cards
Bacterial STIs
What are risk factors for infecti...,
What are uncomplicated presentati...,
What is definition of urethritis
36  cards
What are top typical causes of ca...,
What are top atypical causes of c...,
What organisms typical or atypica...
14  cards
What organism causes rocky mounta...,
How is rickettsia rickettsii tran...,
What is clinical presentation of ...
18  cards
Basic Bacteriology Facts
What is the outer membrane of gra...,
What structure of gram negatives ...,
What are biofilms composed of
20  cards

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