Bar Exam

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Real Property
Give an example of a fee simple a...,
Give an example of a fee tail,
Give an example of a fee simple d...
275  cards
Constitutional Law
Which article of the constitution...,
What is the limit of judicial power,
What does it mean for a case to b...
299  cards
What does it take to form a corpo...,
What is ultra vires,
What is the significance of incor...
51  cards
What are the elements for an assault,
What element is common to all sev...,
What does apprehension mean for a...
149  cards
Which of the following is a true ...,
Which of the following is an attr...,
When can a lessee refuse to pay a...
18  cards
Professional Responsibility
If you know of a violation that r...,
What activities require a law lic...,
What decisions belong to a client...
58  cards
Consumer Protection - Chapter 93A
Define the scope of ch 93a,
How may one obtain relief under c...,
For a business to be sued in ma u...
23  cards
Wills & Trusts
What is probate what is not included,
Under what circumstances might th...,
How do you determine a spouses sh...
148  cards
Federal Civil Procedure
How do you analyze a pj problem,
How do you analyze a smj problem,
What cases can state courts simpl...
87  cards
When is evidence relevant,
If evidence concerns some time ev...,
What are the policy based excepti...
113  cards
Criminal Law
How is jurisdiction created in a ...,
What is the burden of proof in a ...,
What is a felony what is a misdem...
76  cards
Criminal Procedure (Contains Crim Law and Crim Pro MC Qs)
How do you broadly analyze of a 4...,
What does the fourth am say,
When does the 4th am apply
90  cards
Contracts and Sales
What is a unilateral k,
What is a bilateral k,
What is a quasi k
129  cards
Domestic Relations
Can i get the engagement ring bac...,
What is a prenup valid how might ...,
What is a cohabitation agreement ...
33  cards
Massachusetts Civil Procedure
How do you have pj in ma one of s...,
What statement do i always throw ...,
What is the constitutional standa...
39  cards
Agency and Partnerships
When is the principal liable for ...,
When is there assent benefit control,
Are principals liable for sub age...
22  cards

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