basic immunology- module 1

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Where do the receptors proteins u...,
What is the function of lysozymes,
What is the function of lactoferrin
115  cards
Innate Immunity Receptors
What are damps,
What cytokine are macrophages dep...,
What is the function of patrollin...
91  cards
Dendritic Cells
What is the general function of n...,
What is the general function of r...,
What pathway fo rig i like recept...
55  cards
Antigen recognition by T cells
How does the b cell receptor bind...,
How do t cell receptors bind comp...,
What do b cell receptors bind
18  cards
Chapter 4
What is the fundamental differenc...,
What is the benefit of tcr vs bcr...,
What is the major difference betw...
117  cards
MHC class I and antigen recognition
Why does there have to be a rapid...,
What breaks up the proteins in to...,
What is the transporter for pepti...
105  cards
The Immunological Synapse
What may control the distribution...,
What is the immunological synapse,
What is the general function of t...
70  cards
What are the main effector functi...,
What complement factor is involve...,
What are the functions of complement
85  cards
Antigen processing and presentation of foreign antigens on MHC Class II
What is mhc,
What is the differene in strcture...,
What cells can be induced to expr...
19  cards
B effector functions
What type of protein are immunogl...,
What is an antibody,
What are the secondary effector f...
114  cards
T helper cell subsets
What is the function of follicula...,
What is expressed on tfh cells,
Where are tfh cells found
17  cards
Generation of receptor diversity
How are the variable regions for ...,
What is exon 1 of the variable re...,
What is the function of hte antib...
376  cards
What is essential for virus genom...,
What type of virus is ebv,
What is the virion of ebv
62  cards
T helper cell subsets
How are the th subsets defined,
What is the function of follicula...,
What chemokine receptor do tfh ce...
87  cards
Chapter 3
Where do macrophages derive from,
Where do the embyronic progenitor...,
What cytokine does self renewal o...
290  cards
PRRs and inflammation
What are teh 2 steps in productio...,
What is expression og pro il 1b r...,
What protease cleaves il 1b
43  cards
cytotoxic T cells
How is endogenous antigen broken ...,
Describe the peptide binding groo...,
How many amino acids can the mhc ...
84  cards
Overview of mycobacteria
How are mycobacterium classified,
Where are rapidly growing mycobac...,
What type of bacteria are mycobac...
48  cards
What is the vector for leishmania,
What is the form of leishmania in...,
What is the form of leishmania in...
44  cards
Immunological Memory
What are the differences between ...,
How can memory b cells be created,
Where do memory b cells take up r...
47  cards
Immune responses to viruses
What is a virus,
What is the programme viruses hav...,
How are viruses classified
39  cards
Cell Death and immunological implications
What are the functions of cell de...,
What is type i cell death,
What characterises apoptosis
95  cards
Imaging the Immune System in vivo
What techniques have been used to...,
What is the main advantge of two ...,
What are the 3 structural familie...
46  cards
What is inflammation,
What cell type characterises acut...,
What cell type characterises chro...
33  cards
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
What is regenerative medicine,
What are the advantages of using ...,
What are the disadvantages of usi...
53  cards
Evolution of Inflammatory Diseases
Give 2 examples of potentially le...,
What is the advantage and disadva...,
Why might you expect taht the cos...
57  cards
Genetics of the Immune system
What is a genetic marker,
What are the features of an ideal...,
What is the function of genetic m...
28  cards
Models of AI disease
What can happen to self reactive ...,
What are the pros of in vitro res...,
What are the cons of in vitro res...
47  cards
elearning module
What type of enzyme are lysozymes,
What epithlial cells produce cath...,
What produce histatins
8  cards
Why has it been so difficult to v...,
What is an attenuated organism,
Why do survivors of tetanus requi...
32  cards
Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases
Give examples of endo parasites,
What are the methods of lab diagn...,
What is group 1 hazard group
16  cards

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