immunology quiz questions

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Module A Quiz Questions
What is not a cardinal sign of in...,
Who developed a vaccine for smallpox,
Which of these is not a secondary...
50  cards
Module B Quiz Questions
The major function of a t cell re...,
Mhc diversity is generated by som...,
Which of the following is paired ...
40  cards
Module C Quiz Questions
Antigen binding to the b cell rec...,
Ti 1 antigens can induce a t inde...,
Cleavage of c3b after binding to ...
60  cards
Module D Quiz Questions
Graves disease is caused by the p...,
Which statement about peripheral ...,
Which statement about tolerance t...
30  cards
Exam 1 MC
Which of these immune system comp...,
Which of the following is an agra...,
Which of these is not a secondary...
45  cards
Exam 1 Quizlet questions
Who discovered that silkworm dise...,
Who developed a vaccine for smallpox,
What part of our immune defenses ...
41  cards
Exam 2 Quizlet questions
What part of out immune defenses ...,
Where would you find the most t c...,
Which of these antibodies is most...
62  cards
Exam 3 Quizlet questions
The production of igm is mostly a...,
Pathogen associated molecular pat...,
Which of the following are not de...
56  cards
Exam 3 Bold Words
Cd40 ligand,
Germinal center,
Inherited immunodefieciency
261  cards
2022 exam 3 questions
The secondary adaptive immune res...,
The english physician edward jenn...,
Activated b cells within germinal...
64  cards
23 exam 1
The term vaccine is derived from ...,
A molecule that can be used by th...,
What results in killing most path...
75  cards
23 exam 2
Which cells play an important rol...,
T cells that recognize antigen pr...,
A t cell that has cd4 as a corece...
75  cards
module d bold terms
Autoimmune diseases linked to gen...,
Goodpasture syndrome
59  cards
23 exam 3
Which is the first class of immun...,
The secondary immune response is ...,
The english physician edward jenn...
75  cards
Lab practical
66  cards

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immunology quiz questions

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