bds 2: dental materials

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Structure of Dental Composites
Define composite,
Why were silicate cements used as...,
What are some disadvantages of si...
33  cards
Miscellaneous Properties of Composites
Under what conditions do dhpt and...,
What 2 general substances are nee...,
Explain how light can cause filli...
34  cards
Composites: Bonding to Dentine
Is tooth tissue hydrophobic or hy...,
Are most restorative materials hy...,
What adhesive bonds can occur bet...
32  cards
Cavity Lining (Acid-Base Cements)
What are some general uses of aci...,
Name some of the ideal properties...,
Definition of acid base cement
41  cards
Glass Ionomer Cements
Why is the sio2 to al2o3 ratio im...,
Which components in the gic powde...,
Which components in the gic powde...
43  cards
Dental Amalgams
Define amalgam,
What metal is mercury mixed with ...,
List the chemical symbols for the...
45  cards
Comparison of Restorative Materials
Resin composites can be chemicall...,
What are some of the disadvantage...,
What are some advantages of using...
43  cards
Restorative Materials In Paediatric Dentistry
Name some restoratives for paedia...,
What are some factors to consider...,
Give some advantages of dental am...
35  cards
Gypsum Products
What is the chemical composition ...,
What can gypsum based materials b...,
Where is gypsum obtained from
37  cards
What are impression materials use...,
What are the 3 types of elastic i...,
Give an example of a reversible a...
46  cards
Impression Materials
All elastic impression materials ...,
All impression materials except a...,
What are elastomers used for 2
40  cards
Polyethers & Polysulphides
What is the base paste of a polye...,
What is the catalyst paste of a p...,
What is the role of inorganic fil...
16  cards
Non-Elastic Impression Materials
Name 3 non elastic impression mat...,
What patients can you use non ela...,
List some properties of impressio...
7  cards

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bds 2: dental materials

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