bds2 - dental material science

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intro to dental material science
What is the dental procedure,
What is the effect of dental mate...,
What does the dental material nee...
41  cards
composite material
Name 5 different restorative mate...,
When do you use direct filling ma...,
What are the ideal properties of ...
72  cards
cavity lining materials
What materials are placed in cavi...,
What are the disadvantages of res...,
What is the solution to the probl...
76  cards
What is dental amalgam,
What is an alloy,
What are the 2 ways to classify a...
63  cards
glass ionomer cements
What are the 2 types of glass ion...,
What are the uses of gic,
Originally what materials did con...
49  cards
Why is manufacturing a denture ch...,
How do you measure the success of...,
What are the error sources in the...
38  cards
What is a study model cast,
What are the purposes of a study ...,
Name the uses of gypsum
33  cards
impression materials
What is the function of an impres...,
What is dental stone used for,
What does the dental stone represent
45  cards
elastomeric impression materials
What are meow types of elastomers,
What are addition silicones also ...,
What do you need to judge impress...
29  cards
metals and alloys
What are metals and alloys used for,
Why is amalgam different to all t...,
What does stainless steel being a...
55  cards
metals and alloys 2
What is an alloy,
What are the advantages of alloys,
What are the dental uses of alloys
41  cards
partial denture alloys
What are the mechanical propertie...,
What are the important mechanical...,
What are the alloy processes of h...
62  cards
Temporary Materials
What is pema,
Where can pmma be fabricated the ...,
Where can pema be fabricated the ...
5  cards

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bds2 - dental material science

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