bds2 oral biology - histology

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(1) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - Introduction
What is the periodontium,
What structures make up the perio...,
Name structures a g
18  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - cementum
What is cementum,
How thick is cementum at the cerv...,
How thick is cementum apically
46  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - periodontal ligament (Fibres)
Where is the periodontal ligament...,
How would you describe the period...,
What 2 tissues is the periodontal...
42  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - periodontal ligament (ground substance, cells, nerve and blood supply)
What secretes the ground substance,
What is the role of the fibroblasts,
What are the components of the gr...
51  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - Alveolar bone
What is the alveolar bone,
Is bone calcified,
What is the composition of bone
78  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the periodontium - Gingiva
What is the gingiva,
What are the 2 main regions of th...,
What is the attached gingiva
61  cards
(1) Anatomy and Histology of the periodontium - Disease
What are clinical consideration o...,
Osteopetrosis vs osteoporosis,
What can repair root fractures
14  cards
(2) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - Enamel (A)
Where is enamel thick and thin on...,
What structures of a tooth can re...,
What provides the support to enamel
39  cards
(2) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodotium - Enamel (B)
What section has to be tajen to v...,
Can immature enamel be studied by...,
What are the basic structural uni...
59  cards
(2) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodontium - Enamel interactions (C)
What is characteristic of the ena...,
What is shown in the histogram,
Name structures a and b
28  cards
(2) Anatomy and Histology of the Periodotium - Enamel (D) - Clinical
What are the clinical considerati...,
What is a disease which can effec...,
What is amelogenesis imperfecta
18  cards
(3) Histopathology of Periodontal Disease - initial and early lesion
What are the 4 stages of lesions,
What is gingivitis,
What is periodontitis
33  cards
(3) Histopathology of Periodontal Disease - established lesion
What dominates the inflammatory i...,
What dominates the inflammatory i...,
Where is the inflammatory infiltr...
12  cards
(3) Histology of periodontal Disease - Advanced Lesion
Is this periodontitis,
What location is the inflammation,
Where does the destruction of the...
33  cards
(4) Dentino-pulpal Complex
What forms the bulk of the tooth,
Is denying a live tissue,
What cells form dentine
34  cards
(4) Dentino-pulpal Complex - dentin tubules
What course do the dentin tubules...,
Name structures a and b,
What type of section is shown here
42  cards
(4) Dentino-pulpal complex - odontoblastic processes
What are the 3 hypothesis for the...,
What is the most likely theory fo...,
What is this
20  cards
(4) Dentinal-pulpal complex - dentine variations in structure
What is the first layer of dentin...,
What are the 7 structures in dentin,
What is the width of mantle dentine
41  cards
(4) dentino-pulpal complex - Intratubular dentin
What does intratubular dentin lack,
Is intratubular dentin more or le...,
Name structures a c
12  cards
(4) Dentino-pulpal Complex - Structural Lines
What are the lines associated wit...,
What are the lines associated wit...,
What are daily incremental lines ...
50  cards
(4) Dentini-pulpal Complex - Dentine Sensitivity
What are examples of food related...,
How can dentine be sensitive,
What is the hydrodynamic theory
8  cards
(5) Pulp
What immune cells are in the dent...,
What cell is shown,
What cell is this
21  cards
(5) pulp
Where is the pulp located,
Apical what does the pulp become ...,
Why can t you see the apical foremen
62  cards
(6) Cementum
Is precemnetum calcified or uncal...,
Is cementum more or less hard tha...,
Is cementum more permeable than d...
64  cards
(7) Dental Caries
How are caries formed,
What do bacteria breakdown in the...,
What do bacteria convert dietary ...
36  cards
(7) Histopathology Of Dental Caries - Enamel
What type of caries develop slowly,
What type of section do we look a...,
What are the stria of retzius
30  cards
(7) Histopathology Of Dental Caries - Dentin
Can dentin respond to various att...,
What would you call the destructi...,
What reaction occurs before the l...
50  cards

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