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Medicines and Therapeutics in Oral Med
How can medicines be classified,
What are examples of licensed dru...,
What is aciclovir used for in ora...
17  cards
Therapeutic Drugs in Oral Medicine
What are examples of non steroid ...,
What are examples of steroid base...,
How do hydrocortisone mucoadhesiv...
16  cards
Oral Mucosal Diseases
When should a dentist refer a muc...,
What type of epithelium is the or...,
What types of epithelium can be f...
26  cards
Mucosal Colour Changes
What can cause oral white lesions,
What hereditary condition can cau...,
Why are white lesions white
24  cards
Oral Ulceration
What are some immunological cause...,
What are some gastrointestinal di...,
What is the ulcer free period
13  cards
Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers
What are aphthous ulcers,
What can cause aphthous ulcers,
How do recurrent aphthous stomati...
13  cards
Lichen Planus Overview
What is lichen planus,
What are the different clinical p...,
How does lichen planus present hi...
36  cards
Dysplasia and Oral Cancer
What are the 2 distinct disease p...,
Which sex is more commonly affect...,
What are the high risk sites for ...
33  cards
Vesiculobullous & Immune Disease
What are examples of local immuno...,
What are examples of systemic dis...,
What type of hypersensitivity dis...
29  cards
Problems with Salivation
What is the function of saliva,
What are some causes of a dry mouth,
What salivary changes occur as pa...
15  cards
Managing Problems with Saliva
What resting flow does a patient ...,
What stimulating flow does a pati...,
14  cards
Salivary Gland Enlargement
What are some general causes for ...,
What are examples of viral infect...,
What are some examples of causes ...
26  cards
Sjogren's Syndrome
What is sicca syndrome,
What is primary sjogrens syndrome,
What is secondary sjogrens syndrome
11  cards
Orofacial Pain
What is pain,
How are physical pain patients as...,
How are emotional symptoms of pat...
44  cards
Systemic Disease & The Mouth
How can dental manifestations of ...,
In patients who take tetracyline ...,
What colour of teeth do patients ...
8  cards
Orofacial Granulomatosis
What is angio oedema,
What is orofacial granulomatosis,
What is the difference between an...
7  cards
Oral Dyaesthesia & TMD
What is oral dysaesthesia,
Give some examples of oral dysaes...,
What deficiencies can predispose ...
16  cards
Trigeminal Neuralgia & Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias
What is neuralgia,
What are some causes of trigemina...,
What is classical trigeminal neur...
29  cards
Oral Medicine Tutorials
What is the epidemiology of trige...,
What is the pathophysiology of tr...,
What are the clinical features of...
23  cards
What is the meaning of atrophy,
What is the meaning of bullae,
What is the meaning of cyst
6  cards
BDS4 Oral Med PPs
What would the pathologist report...,
What would the pathologist report...,
How would pemphigus vulgaris be t...
20  cards

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