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1 - Skull radiographic views and anatomy
What are the main types of skull ...,
Describe the equipment used for a...,
What is the orbitomeatal line
14  cards
2 - Cone beam CT
What does cbct stand for,
What is cbct,
Describe the process of cbct
27  cards
3 - More radiographic interpretation
What can be included under the te...,
What is the first step in the dif...,
What can be used to describe a le...
28  cards
4 - Other imaging modalities 1
What are indications for imaging ...,
What can cause obstruction in the...,
In which gland are mucous plugs m...
27  cards
5 - Other imaging modalities 2
What imaging modalities are used ...,
Describe the features of cbct,
Describe the features of ct
20  cards
6 - Dental abnormalities
10  cards
7 - Cysts of the jaw
Define a cyst,
What are common symptoms that pre...,
What radiographs can be used for ...
67  cards
8 - Odontogenic tumours
What is the split of benign vs ma...,
How are odontogenic tumours class...,
What type of tumour can have enam...
33  cards
9 - Bone pathology
What are the key components of bone,
What are haversian canal,
What are volksman s canal
55  cards
10 - Radiolucent lesions
Describe the histology of a radic...,
Describe the appearance of a neut...,
Describe the appearance of a plas...
5  cards
11 - Radiopaque and mixed lesions
What does radiographic loss of th...,
What type of imaging is most suit...
2  cards
SCR Prep
What are possible differential di...,
Describe the histopathological ap...,
Which jaw is more commonly affect...
8  cards

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