Beginner Spanish Deluxe

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Decks in this class (25)

1.1 Lesson
Learn the basic functioning of nouns, adjectives, articles, pronouns, gender, and the verb SER ("to be").
52  cards
1.2 Lesson
Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense
81  cards
1.3 Lesson
Numbers, school, and the present tense of the verb IR ("to go")
34  cards
1.4 Lesson
Adjectives to describe physical and mental state, and the common verb ESTAR
40  cards
1.5 Lesson
The present progressive verb tense, common prepositions to describe location, and relationship
46  cards
1.6 Lesson
Possessive adjectives and pronouns, diminutives, family relationships, and the common verb TENER ("to have")
108  cards
1.7 Lesson
Common irregular verbs in the present tense
127  cards
1.8 Lesson
More irregular present tense verbs, with focus on the common verbs HACER ("to do/make"), DECIR ("to say"), VENIR ("to come"), and OIR ("to hear")
50  cards
1.9 Lesson
Weather, comparatives, and more usage of the verb HACER ("to do/make")
59  cards
1.10 Lesson
The immediate future tense and some useful vocabulary to describe foods and restaurant activities
74  cards
2.1 Lesson
The prepositions POR vs PARA and some more restaurant vocabulary
59  cards
2.2 Lesson
Telling time, days, months, and ordinal numbers
85  cards
2.3 Lesson
The preterite (past) verb tense, "here" and "there" recap, and demonstrative adjectives
108  cards
2.4 Lesson
Direct and indirect objects, reflexive verbs, and body parts
121  cards
2.5 Lesson
The imperfect (past) verb tense, and the verb ACABAR ("to have just")
57  cards
2.6 Lesson
GUSTAR ("to like") and similar verbs, clothing, colors, and other key vocabulary
69  cards
2.7 Lesson
Common verbs irregular in the preterite (past) tense
53  cards
2.8 Lesson
The imperative verb tense, transportation, and directions
93  cards
2.9 Lesson
A quick introduction to the present perfect, past perfect, and conditional.
71  cards
An enrichment deck of advanced Spanish vocabulary in the domain of technology.
148  cards
An enrichment deck of advanced Spanish vocabulary in the domain of transportation.
84  cards
An enrichment deck of advanced Spanish vocabulary in the domain of mechanics and automobiles.
242  cards
An enrichment deck of advanced Spanish vocabulary in the domain of medicine.
244  cards
Food and Restaurant
An enrichment deck of advanced Spanish vocabulary in the domain of food and gastronomy.
392  cards
Countries and Nationalities
Learn the Spanish names of the 50 most populous countries and their inhabitants, as well as the continents and oceans.
61  cards

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