beginning spanish level 1

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Decks in this class (27)

Level 1: Lesson 2
23  cards
Level 1: Lesson 3
Es para tu,
Es para ti,
Es posible
20  cards
Level 1: Lesson 1
25  cards
Level 1: Lesson 4
Perdone una coca cola por favor,
Un aqua
34  cards
Level 1: Lesson 5
A car,
I don t have a car,
Im sorry but i dont have a car
28  cards
Level 1: Lesson 6
How are you formal,
How are you informal,
Hello how are you
35  cards
Level 1: Lesson 7
Good morning,
Good afternoon,
Good afternoon how are you informal
36  cards
Level 1: Lesson 8
Why do you want to know,
I want to know because its important,
Infinitive verbs respond in english
26  cards
Level 1: Lesson 9
A computer,
Do you have a computer,
24  cards
Level 1: Lesson 10
I can,
You can,
I can do it
37  cards
Level 1: Lesson 11
The big one,
Can i see the big one please,
Do you have the big one or the sm...
29  cards
Level 1 Time Trial For Lessons 1-10 English To Spanish In 60 Seconds
Your computer is very small,
I can t do it because its very di...,
I dont need to know because it is...
11  cards
Level 1 Time Trial For Lessons 1-10 Spanish To English In 44 Seconds
Tu computadora es muy pequeno,
No puedo hacerlo porque es muy di...,
No necesito saber porque no es im...
11  cards
Level 1: Lesson 12
Do you know where the big one is,
You are,
Where are you_
27  cards
Level 1 Lesson 12 Time Trial English To Spanish In 60 Seconds
Where are you,
I want to know where you are now,
Can i see the big one please
11  cards
Level 1 Lesson 12 Time Trial Spanish To English In 45 Seconds
Donde estas_,
Quiero saber donde estas ahora,
Puedo ver el grande por favor
11  cards
Lesson 1: Lesson 13
You are,
It is,
I am for location
31  cards
Level 1: Lesson 14
This that,
What is this
27  cards
Level 1: Lesson 14: Time Trial English To Spanish In 71 Seconds
What is this,
This is very difficult for me,
I have to do it tonight because i...
11  cards
Level 1: Lesson 14: Time Trial Spanish To English In 43 Seconds
Que es esto,
Esto es muy dificil para mi,
Tengo que hacerlo esta noche porq...
11  cards
Level 1: Lesson 15
To have dinner,
Do you want to have dinner now,
Where do you want to have dinner
20  cards
Level 1: Lesson 16
To have,
I want to have it,
I have to have it
26  cards
Level 1: Lesson 16: Time Trial English to Spanish in 60 seconds
I want to have it today,
I have to have it now because it ...,
Where do you want to have dinner
10  cards
Level 1: Lesson 17
In on,
Carlos is in the house,
The computer is in the car
33  cards
Level 1: Lesson 18
To leave,
Can i leave now,
I leave
25  cards
Level 1: Lesson 19
To see,
I want to see it today,
I see
36  cards
Level 1: Lesson 20
11  cards

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