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2.2 Chapter Quiz
What was loewi s evidence that ne...,
Which of the following is not one...,
The amino acid tryptophan is a pr...
15  cards
Chapter 2 Test
Sherrington inferred the presence...,
What is the circuit from sensory ...,
What term is used for the cumulat...
20  cards
Stop And Check 2.2
Chemical events at a synapse 1 th...,
What was loewi s evidence that ne...,
What does a highly active brain a...
16  cards
Chapter 3 Pretest
Studies with fmri show that brain...,
True or false men on average have...,
The binding problem refers to how...
6  cards
Module 3.2 Definitions
Corpus callosum,
Cerebral cortex,
Anterior commissure smaller than ...
18  cards
Module 3.2 Stop And Check
Which lobe of the cerebral cortex...,
If several neurons of the visual ...,
Which lobe of the cerebral cortex...
7  cards
3.2 End Of Quiz
If we compare the brains of human...,
Which of these is in the temporal...,
Which of these is in the parietal...
7  cards
3.3 Stop And Check
What determines whether ontogenet...,
What is the difference between a ...,
What does fmri measure
8  cards
Module 3.3 Research Methods
Stereotaxic instrument
13  cards
3.3 End Of Module Quiz
Which of these is the first step ...,
Which of the following is a metho...,
Which of these is the first step ...
10  cards
Chapter 4 Pretest
Twin studies of heritability have...,
Epigenetics deals with how experi...,
Kin selection protecting those wh...
10  cards
Chapter 3 Test
The cell bodies of the sensory ne...,
Dorsal means toward the a back b ...,
Axons prepare the body for fight ...
20  cards
Powerpoints Chapter 3
Autonomic nervous system,
Somatic nervous system,
Dorsal sagital ventral
13  cards
Powerpoint Terms 3 Again
The forebrain the limbic system c...,
The forebrain subcortical regions...,
The forebrain the pituitary gland...
22  cards
4.2 Quiz
What s unusual about the olfactor...,
Which part of the neuron forms first,
The 14c concentration in the atmo...
19  cards
Module 4.1
11  cards
4.1 Stop And Check
Suppose you have high sensitivity...,
Suppose you have high sensitivity...,
How does a sex linked gene differ...
4  cards
Powerpoint 4.1 genetics and evolution of behavior
19th century monk gregor mendel d...,
Both genes and environment intera...,
Genes come in pairs called and ar...
39  cards
powerpoint 4.2 Development Of The Brain
Maturation of the vertebrate brai...,
Brain development depends upon 2,
Cerebrospinal fluid the fluid fil...
34  cards
powerpoint 4.3 plasticity after brain damage
Plasticity after brain damage rec...,
Plasticity after brain damage alm...,
Brain damage and short term recov...
18  cards
Chapter 8.1
Early psychologists believed that...,
Some animals generate e c r inter...,
All animals produce e c r interna...
15  cards
Sleep 1 sleep is a state that the...,
Stages of sleep and brain mechani...,
Other interruptions of consciousn...
23  cards
8.2 Some More
Narcolepsy 1 seems to run in f al...,
Narcolepsy 1 a sleep disorder cha...,
Periodic limb movement disorder 1...
6  cards
Functions of sleep 1 some of the ...,
Why sleep why rem why dreams 1 we...,
Sleep and energy conservation 1 t...
16  cards
Chapter 11
Emotions and autonomic arousal em...,
What is emotion psychologists def...,
The james lange theory of emotion...
11  cards
Study Guide Chapter 11
James lange pure autonomic failur...,
Emotion components 1 c 2 a 3 f,
James lange theory frightening si...
24  cards

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