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Crew Compartment
In what position must the pilot s...,
Below what speed will the sam ass...,
What is the standard seat for the...
19  cards
Garmin G1000H Avionics
Where is the nav vor ils antenna ...,
What type of exceedance is not st...,
The psi gives an indication based...
21  cards
Drivetrain and Rotors
What are the locations of the tra...,
How many chip detectors are there...,
Which two components does the kaf...
54  cards
Flight Controls and Hydraulics
What connects the cyclic and coll...,
What connects the yaw pedals to t...,
How many hydraulic servos are there
23  cards
What is the purpose of the frahm ...,
How does the frahm damper work,
Where is any necessary tail balla...
14  cards
Power Plant
What engine is the bell 505 power...,
How many double thermocouples pro...,
What caption will indicate the lo...
63  cards
Airframe Fuel System
What is the total usable fuel in ...,
What should you do if you find wa...,
What is the function of the red t...
3  cards
Electrical System
What is the type voltage and amp ...,
What is the voltage and amp ratin...,
For how long will the battery typ...
7  cards
Weight and Balance
What controls are placed on opera...,
Where can ballast be added to the...,
How should loads be secured in th...
6  cards
What is the basic vne,
How is the basic vne modified,
What is the vne in autorotation
47  cards
Normal Operation
What is the recommended ias for b...,
What ias is recommended for minim...,
What ias is recommended for maxim...
10  cards
Emergency Procedures
What is the procedure for a hydra...,
What is the urgency of the need t...,
What are the immediate actions in...
51  cards

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