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The Bible as a Drama
- The 6 acts - The main story elements of the Bible (Characters, Setting, etc.)
7  cards
The Creation Narrative
- Know what the story tells us about God and creation - The cultural mandate (and it's possible redefining by Jesus) - Know what happens on each day of creation - know the differences between the family lines of Seth and Cain
4  cards
Toledoths of Genesis (and its characters)
- Know the summaries Toledoths of Noah, Shem, Terah/Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph - Know all the major people and events in these stories
7  cards
The Biblical Patriarchs (and what they did)
- Know the order from Abraham to the 12 Tribes of Israel - Know what each of them contributed
1  cards
Exodus Summary
- Know the main characters and the circumstances of their relationships - Know the 10 plagues, and their order - Know the 10 commandments, and their order - Know the premise of the "Exodus Decoded" movie, and a few things about the theories they present
4  cards
The Tabernacle and the Temple
- Know about the Tabernacle's creation, purpose, and structure - Know about the Temple's creation, purpose, and structure - Know the parallels between the Tabernacle, Temple, and us (with Jesus) - Know about the parallels between these two important things
3  cards
Pentateuch Overview
- Know the main events of what happened in each book - Know the order of those events
1  cards
Joshua Summary
- Know the main events of this book, and their order
3  cards
Judges Summary
- Know the structure of the book (order, 'format', etc.) - Know about each Judge (or section) of the book, and what they did
9  cards
Ruth Summary
- Know who Ruth is - Know how she fits into the covenant of the Messiah - Know how she is related to Abraham and David
4  cards
Samuel Summary
- Be able to describe Samuel - Know how he fits into David's life (and who he is to David) - Know the key character differences between Saul and David - Describe 5 great things David did, and 5 things that lead to sorrow or ruin
3  cards
Kings Summary
- Know the order of the major events/players in the Kings books - Know some good things Solomon did, and some things that lead to his downfall - Know what happened after his death with Rehoboam and Jeroboam to the nation of Israel (the exiles
3  cards
The Prophets
- Know the 4 main prophets - Know what they prophesied against
4  cards
Christ's Fulfillment
- Have an in-depth understanding of ONE of the 5 ways Christ fulfilled the OT laws
2  cards

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