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Ch. 2 - Atoms, Molecules and Water
10 level of biological organization,
Genome vs proteome,
5 stages of hypothesis testing
12  cards
Ch. 3 The Chemical Basis of Life
Functional groups,
Condensation reaction add pic,
34  cards
Chapter 4 - general features of the cell
Which macromolecules were produce...,
Four overlapping stages origin of...,
Which macromolecules were the fir...
69  cards
chapter 5
Integral membrane proetins and tw...,
Where are peripheral extrinsic me...,
Integral membrane proteins
27  cards
Chapter 9 - cell communication
Cell communication,
How do receptors translate the si...,
39  cards
Chapter 11 - DNA replication
What macromolecule did scientists...,
Four criteria necessary for genet...,
Describe griffith s experiment
35  cards
Chapter 12 - Gene expression at the molecular level
Two gene functions,
Archbold garrod,
Beadle and tatum
28  cards
Chapter 21 - genetic technologies and genomics
Recombinant dna technology,
Gene cloning,
34  cards
Ch. 14 - Gene regulation
Gene regulation,
Constitutive genes
63  cards
Ch. 13 - non-coding RNAs
History of non coding rnas,
6 main functions of ncrnas,
22  cards
The Eukaryotic cell cycle, mitosis, and meiosis
44  cards
Ch. 17 - simple patterns of inheritance
P generation,
F1 generation,
F2 generation
35  cards
Chapter 18 - epigenetic, linkage, and extranuclear inheritance
Epigenetic inheritance,
X chromosome inactivation
9  cards
Chapter 19 - genetics of viruses and bacteria
What is a virus,
What are some characteristics of ...,
Host range
25  cards
Ch7 - Cellular respiration and fermentation
Main purpose of cellular respiration,
4 steps of glucose metabolism,
23  cards
Chapter 6 - an introduction to energy, enzymes, and metabolism
First law of thermodynamics,
Second law of thermodynamics,
Enthalpy h
10  cards

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