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Module 1
What are the four emergent charac...,
What is cohesion,
What is adhesion
22  cards
What is the name of the monomer f...,
Monosaccharides serve as,
What is a disaccharide
28  cards
Cell Structures and Functions
What are the taxonomic domains,
What are the similarities between...,
Where is dna contained in eukaryo...
49  cards
What is the function of the plasm...,
What are the four components of c...,
What are integral membrane proteins
39  cards
exam 1
What is true for glycogen and starch,
2  cards
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
What is the flow of the central d...,
What are chargaffs rules,
Where do new nucleotides add on
17  cards
gene to protein
What is the initiator codon for p...,
What is the terminator codon for ...,
What is a promoter
42  cards
What are the basic requirements f...,
What are the three types of amino...,
What does mrna do
34  cards
What is a mutation,
What are mutations in somatic cells,
What are mutations in germ cells
14  cards
DNA replication
What is helicase,
What is a single strand binding p...,
What is topoisomerase
33  cards
Mitosis and Cell Cycle
Why do multiorganisms depend on c...,
What are the key roles of cell di...,
How does binary fission
47  cards
What are homologous chromosomes,
What is an allele,
What is a sister chromatid
39  cards
What are telomeres,
What do telomeres do,
3  cards
Intro to metabolism
What is photosynthesis,
Cellular respiration,
What is potential energy
43  cards
Cellular resp
What is aerobic respiration,
Anaerobic respiration,
What is the formula for aerobic r...
33  cards
photosynthesis what the fuck
What is the chloroplast,
What does the spilting of h20 do,
What is the stroma what occurs here
38  cards

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