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2A- Amino acids and proteins
Give the general structure of an ...,
At physiological ph what charge d...,
What is the pka of the primary ca...
39  cards
2B- Enzymes and Clinical Enzymology
Give a definition of enzyme,
What are the 3 steps in an enzyme...,
What is an active site
46  cards
2C- Cell Signaling
What are chemical messengers,
What is a general sequence of che...,
What are the events of a chemical...
21  cards
3A- Structure of the Nucleic Acids
What is a ribose,
What is a deoxyribose,
What is a poly a tail
25  cards
3B- Synthesis of DNA
Give the general steps through dn...,
What is the leading strand,
What is the lagging strand
15  cards
3C- Transcription: Synthesis of RNA
What is transcription,
What are the steps of transcription,
What is the template strand
19  cards
3D- Translation: Synthesis of Proteins
What is the general interaction b...,
What does it mean when we say the...,
What does it mean when we say the...
18  cards
3E- Regulation of Gene Expression
What are operons,
In bacteria what is the principal...,
What are inducers
17  cards
4A- Cellular Bioenergetics
What is g,
What is the structure of atp,
Why is energy released when the p...
11  cards
4B- Fed and Fasted States
1 describe the general metabolism...,
What does insulin do in the fed s...,
How are blood glucose levels main...
13  cards
4C- Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle
Gives the general process of the ...,
What is a regulator of isocitrate...,
What is a regualtor of ketoglutar...
10  cards
4D- Oxidative Phosphorylation and Mitochondrial Function
What is the general mechanism of,
What is significant of complex i,
What is significant of coenzyme q
16  cards
4E- Generation of ATP from Glucose
What are the general steps of gly...,
Where does glycolysis take place,
Which steps use atp
14  cards
4F- Oxidation of Fatty Acids and Ketones
How are long chain fatty acids tr...,
How does malonyl coa regulate the...,
What is the process of beta oxida...
13  cards
5A and 5B- Fuel Metabolism and Carbs
What is metabolic homeostasis,
Where does insulin come from,
When is insulin highest and lowes...
49  cards
5C- Formation/Degradation of Glycogen
What is the structure of glycogen...,
What is the function of glycogen ...,
What is the function of glycogen ...
23  cards
5D- PPP, Fructose and Galactose
How does dietary frustose enter t...,
What are the 2 mechanisms by whic...,
Why is fructose considered to be ...
18  cards
5A-Digestion and Transport of Lipids
What is the general strucutre of ...,
What is the general synthesis of ...,
What is the general strucutre of ...
17  cards
5B- Synthesis of FA's and TG's
How is citrate made in the mitoch...,
What is the role of citrate being...,
What are the 2 places that nadph ...
28  cards
5C- Cholesterol metabolism
How does dietary cholesterol get ...,
What happens to the cholesterol a...,
All 27 carbons of cholesterol are...
32  cards
7A-Urea Cycle
What are the 2 sources of ammonia...,
What is produced when asp donates...,
What 2 amino acids are primarily ...
20  cards
7B-Synthesis/Degredation of AA's
What amino acids are considered t...,
Which aa s are strictly ketogenic,
Which aa is essential for growth ...
26  cards
7C-Purine/Pyrimidine Synthesis
What are the 4 uses of nucleotides,
How is prpp made,
What is the function of prpp
28  cards

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