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Nucleic acids 1
Nucleotides Nucleosides Conformers DNA structure and forms DNA vs RNA nucleases
32  cards
Nucleic acids 2
Chromatin DNA organization mitochondrial cellular DNA gene alteration and arrangement
26  cards
Nucleic acid metabolism
What amino acid starts the sequen...,
A point mutation that produces a ...,
Dna molecule produced by hoogstee...
22  cards
Lipid metabolism
Receptors for chylomicron remnants,
Vldl remnant maybe converted into,
Chylomicron remnants are cataboli...
51  cards
2nd sem: Replication and Repair
DNA replication Termination of DNA S phase Cyclins Repair mechanisms DNA repair
20  cards
2nd sem: Gene expression
The initial start codon is aug wh...,
The 3rd phase of eukaryotic cell ...,
The parent strand runs in a _____...
40  cards
1st semester: special tissues
Patients with osteoarthritis has ...,
Excessive sagging of the skin dow...,
Crouzon syndrome has mutation in ...
21  cards
A single based dna gene coding ch...,
Which of the following is a prope...,
It is considered as a transcripti...
24  cards
protein metabolism 2
Melanin catecholamines t3 t4are m...,
This inborn error manifests menta...,
Ochronosis arthritis black urinei...
60  cards
protein metabolism 1
What are the 3 common metabolites...,
What is the final product of prot...,
Gimme the proteins with the short...
52  cards
Phosphorylation of prb results to,
Provides the pivotal decisional c...,
Apoptotic pathway important after...
34  cards
They increase insulin receptor me...,
This mineral mediates deiodinatio...,
Functions of this mineral is to m...
46  cards
2nd sem: nutrition
The patients actual body weight i...,
1 4 year old child was brought to...,
In order to calculate for the cor...
35  cards
2nd semester: Vitamins 1, 2
What type of vitamin is less pron...,
This is also called the anti beri...,
Most important co enzyme form of ...
65  cards
Conference: apoptosis and cell necrosis
This is the breakdown of the prot...,
When a cell detaches its cytoskel...,
With inflammation eliminated debr...
14  cards
Conference: Telomerase, aging & cancer
Short thymine guanine sequence re...,
Adenine thymine base pairs attach...,
This requires rna primers attachi...
13  cards
Conference: inborn errors of the urea cycle
The three h s hhh syndrome,
Krebs cycle side by side with ure...,
Enzyme deficient of hyperammonemi...
10  cards
Conference: calculi formation
0  cards
Conference: lead poisoning
A poor conductor of electricity,
Plumbism colica pictonum or satur...,
Ability to bind to other atoms vi...
4  cards
2nd sem: Intro to molecular medicine
An rna blot for gene expression a...,
Is ddntps used in pcr,
Which enzyme is used to identify ...
35  cards
2nd sem: Hormones 1
Norepinephrine derived from,
Tsh is derived from,
Estradiol is derived from
33  cards
Conference: Alzheimer's disease
What genetic determinants contrib...,
Genetic determinants that contrib...,
What part of the brain is the mos...
32  cards
Conference: Kwashiorkor and Marasmus
Major manifestation of a person w...,
Age of most common incidence with...,
Protein deficiency __________ ___...
14  cards
Folic acid antagonists are compet...,
Test for vit b6 deficiency,
Vitamin needed in the conversion ...
52  cards
carbohydrate metabolism
What happens during glycolysis,
Which statements below about gluc...,
Which of the following is true of...
88  cards
energy metabolism
This enzyme protects aerobic orga...,
All of the following are true reg...,
In the reaction which is the redu...
67  cards
PART 1: mixed topics
A single based dna gene coding ch...,
A property of the enhancer element,
______ is considered as a transcr...
85  cards
PART 2: mixed topics
Cyanide poisoning is fatal this i...,
The precursor of the sugar phosph...,
The highest reservoir of calories...
70  cards
Per mole of glucose ilang atp meron,
Cho can generate reducing equival...,
Ribose nucleic acids_______ milk
95  cards
Hyperammonemia can be brought abo...,
These amino acids are components ...,
Similarities between oxidative an...
61  cards
Bi-LIPID or not, you are the good kind of fat.
It s a spingolipid but not a glyc...,
Lacking in a patient suffering fr...,
Deficient in a newborn w acute re...
48  cards

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