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Biology is the study of what,
Biology as a term was coined by who,
What are the two branches of biol...
20  cards
The roots of biology
What types of working knowledge d...,
What else did hunter gatherers need,
Roots of biology in agriculture d...
40  cards
philosophy, biology and medicine in the ancient world
For greek philosophers science ph...,
What is science,
What did these greek philosophers...
74  cards
philosophy, biology and medicine in the ancient world part 2
Socartes plato and aristotle repr...,
Aristotle was the most influentia...,
Where was aristotle born
60  cards
Islamic World and Medieval Europe
In the islamic world in the 8th t...,
Science has a transcultural chara...,
What are some of the developmenta...
46  cards
Reading #1
Genius & Gibberish
42  cards
Hidden and mythical organisms
What is a sphinx,
What is a manticore,
What is a basilisk
26  cards
The scientific revolution and the human body
The scholastics did very little o...,
Science can exist without what bu...,
Technology can exist without what...
41  cards
The Early Days of Microscopy
The early mention of the lens ari...,
What did pliny 1st century ad use...,
Alhazen noticed what about lenses...
20  cards
What 3 major contributions did al...,
In what 4 main ways was alchemy s...,
What was paracelsus real name why...
51  cards
Describing and Arranging Organisms
Why are common names less useful ...,
What was the view of species befo...,
What concept describes the idea o...
50  cards
Reading #2
How is the term savants used in t...,
Which government came to exist in...,
Who was george cuvier
16  cards
The science of geology arose from...,
What 5 main questions was geology...,
Sir isaac newtons laws of univers...
39  cards
Evolution Before Darwin
What is evolution,
Evolution involves these three th...,
What were obstacles to evolutiona...
33  cards
So what did darwin really do plea...,
Darwins life 1809 1882where did h...,
What was his role on the beagle
26  cards
What did the bible propose about ...,
What were the gemmules that darwi...,
Which of the ancients proposed an...
49  cards
Evolution and Genetics Come Together
Give an example or a few of reaso...,
What model did hugo de vries prop...,
What did hugo de vries observe wh...
22  cards
The Professor and the Naturalist
Professor and the naturalist how ...,
Professor and the naturalist in t...,
Professor and the naturalist what...
9  cards
Galapagos Archipelago
What was the geography climate li...,
What was the staple food source o...,
Who does darwin credit the divers...
17  cards
Kropotkin Was No Crackpot
What did people propose that darw...,
Why is tolstoys criticism of natu...,
Explain darwins wedge metaphor fo...
7  cards
One-Way Ticket
What differentiated theodosius do...,
What did thomas hunt morgans reje...,
How did theodosius dobzhansky rea...
8  cards

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