biological psychology as level

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Assumptions of Biological Psychology
The biological approach tries to ...,
The central nervous system consis...,
Connecting to the cns are
16  cards
Neurotransmitters, Neurons and Synaptic Transmission
The cell body of the neuron contains,
The dendrites of a neuron are,
The axon hillock is where the
24  cards
Effect of Drugs on the Transmission Process in the CNS
A depressant is a drug that,
A hallucinogen,
A painkiller blocks
25  cards
Raine et al (1997) Classic Study
What did the aim investigate,
Number of participants,
What were the control group match...
33  cards
Twin Studies
Why are twin studies used,
What do psychologists look at whe...,
What are monozygotic twins identical
25  cards
Heston (1966)
Why was the study carried out,
In the 50s and 60s there was a th...,
How many participants took part
22  cards
Brendgen et al (2005)
Why was the research carried out,
What were the three aims,
The study looked for a correlatio...
34  cards
What are conscious thoughts,
What are preconscious thoughts,
What are unconscious thoughts
29  cards
The role of the brain, hormones and natural selection
What do hormones do in comparison...,
How do hormones work,
Examples of hormones and what the...
44  cards
The use of brain scanning techniques to investigate behaviour
Examples of non invasive methods,
How do computerised axial tomogra...,
What is involved in the procedure...
31  cards
What are the implications for society if aggression is found to be caused by nature not nurture?
What would it mean if aggression ...,
What would it mean if aggression ...,
How could people resolve aggressi...
18  cards
Is Psychology a Science?
0  cards
Individual Differences in Biological
How might there be differences ac...,
How might there be differences in...,
How could there be gender differe...
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biological psychology as level

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