biology 106

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Chapter 1- Intro To Bio
What is biology,
Characteristics of living organisms,
Order and organization
20  cards
Chapter 6 Cellular Respiration
Aerobic cellular respiration,
Chemical representation of cellul...,
4 steps of cellular respiration
10  cards
Photosynthesis And Cell Respiration Quiz/worksheet
Overall inputs of photosynthesis,
What organelle does photosynthesi...,
What structure does the light dep...
23  cards
Chapter 8- Cell Cycle And Mitosis
The cell cycle,
22  cards
Chapter 4 Quiz/worksheet
What family of macromolecules are...,
Enzymes speed chemical reactions by,
When you place tea into hot water...
16  cards
Chapter 9- Sexual Reproduction And Meiosis
Life cycle of sexually reproducin...,
Basic principles of meiosis,
16  cards
Chapter 10- Patterns Of Inheritence
Gregor mendel,
P generation
19  cards
Chapter 7- Structure And Function Of DNA
Central dogma,
25  cards
Chapter 12- Forces Of Evolutionary Change
Levels of organization,
18  cards
Chapter 37- Communities And Ecosystems
Levels of organization,
18  cards
Chapter 38- Biogeochemical Cycles
Biogeochemical cycles,
Hydrologic cycle,
Carbon cycle
6  cards
Chapter 40- Preserving Biodiversity
Main causes of the loss of biodiv...,
Habitat loss
8  cards
Final Study Guide Part I
Steps of hotheadedness scientific...,
Independent vs dependent variables,
14  cards
Final Study Guide Part II
Defining characteristic of prokar...,
Characteristics of plant and anim...,
19  cards
Final Study Guide Part III
Stages of the cell cycle,
Synthesis s phase
21  cards
Final Study Guide Part IV
Where in the cell does transcript...
25  cards
Final Study Guide Part V
17  cards
Chapter 5- Photosynthesis
Plants as photosynthesizers,
Chemical representation
21  cards
Chapter 4 Pt.2- Enzymes
Characteristics of enzymes,
How enzymes work
14  cards
Chapter 4- Basic Energy Concepts
Potential energy,
Kinetic energy
12  cards
Chapter 2- Basic Chemistry
6 elements that make up 95 or liv...
17  cards
Chapter 2 Part II- Water And Life
Chemical structure of water,
Characteristics of water,
20  cards
Chapter 3 - Cells
Cell theory,
Two major categories of cells
22  cards

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