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Basic Vocabulary and Variables
What is an educated guess as to h...,
What is a statement telling what ...,
Whats a written answer to the pro...
12  cards
Diffusion and Osmosis
Define diffusion,
Define solute,
Define solvent
23  cards
Why are carbohydrates important t...,
What s the composition of a carbo...,
What are the 2 types of simple ca...
34  cards
Digestive System Quiz
Whats excretion,
Whats egestion,
What are the 2 main processes of ...
40  cards
Mouth to Small Intestine - Digestive System Quiz
Whats the summary of the food pro...,
Whats excretion,
Whats egestion
68  cards
Summary of Chemical Digestion Chart
What are the places carbohydrate ...,
What 3 enzymes are involved in ca...,
Where is all digested material ab...
23  cards
Fats and Other Lipids
What are lipids made up of,
What are the functions of fats,
What are the 4 types of fats
25  cards
Identification of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins Lab
How do hou test for the presence ...,
What does a positive benedict sol...,
How do you test for the presence ...
9  cards
Osmotic Relations Lab
What happens when the concentrati...,
What happens when the concentrati...
2  cards
Large Intestine
What is the cecum,
What are the 4 functions of the l...,
What is the part that joins the s...
4  cards
What is the primary function of t...,
What is the primary funciton of t...,
What is the primary function of t...
5  cards
Rest of Digestion Unit Notes
What are the 6 enzymatic futions,
Whats activation energy,
Whats anabolism synthesis
43  cards
Respiratory System Anatomy
What are the 4 main components of...,
What is the purpose of nasal muco...,
What does cilia do in the nasal c...
21  cards
Respiratory System Quiz #1
What does the movement of air in ...,
Whats inspiration,
What are the 2 pleura called
6  cards
Whats tidal volume,
Whats inspiratory reserve colume,
Whats expiriatory reserve colume
7  cards
The Exchange and Transport of Gases
What is the part of the brain tha...,
What is the nervous system that c...,
What is inhalation
32  cards
Respiratory System Worksheets/Rest of Respiratory System
What is the primary function of v...,
Why is mucus clearing an importan...,
What two factors in the very thin...
12  cards
Heart Dissection Lab Quiz
What side of the heart carries eo...,
What side of the heart carries ox...,
Whats chordae tendineae
7  cards
Circulatory System Quiz
How does the heart muscle appear ...,
Whats the myogenic heart muscle,
What is an example of nervours st...
70  cards
Blood Quiz
What is blood,
What is the liquid portion of blo...,
Where are formed elements of bloo...
60  cards
Circulatory System Unit Final
What is the circulatory system,
Where is the function of the circ...,
What type of system is the circul...
118  cards
Immune and Lymph
What is the process in which the ...,
What does the p wave show,
What does the qrs wave show
18  cards
Kidney and Nephron Anatomy Quiz
What is the blood flow through th...,
Whats the pathway of urine,
What s the blood flow through the...
3  cards
Kidney and Nephron Physiology Quiz
What does adh stand for,
What does high adh mean,
Whats the afferent arteriole
39  cards
Chicken Wing Dissection Quiz
What is a birds wing made up of,
What does areolar connective tiss...,
What does connective tissue do
22  cards
Excretory System
Whats excretion,
What are the 4 main excretory organs,
What does the kidney do
25  cards
Parts of Cell, Chromatography and Photosynthesis Quiz
What s the order of plant pigment...,
What s the formula to find the rf...,
Which pigments will move the fart...
31  cards
Metabolism and Cellular Respiration Quiz
Whats anabolism,
Whats catabolism,
What does the sythnesis of atp fr...
25  cards
Parts of the Cell, Advanced Photosynthesis and Advanced Cellular Respiration Unit FInal
Whats the function of the cytoplasm,
Whats the funciton of the centrosome,
Whats the function of the golgi a...
9  cards
Ecology and Adaptation Unit Final
What are the three domains of life,
What are the three domains of life,
Whats an analogous structure
77  cards
44  cards

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