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cell structure
What is magnification,
What is resolution,
What is wet mounting
41  cards
Nucleotides and Nucleic acids
What are nucleotides,
What are the components of a nucl...,
What are the three parts of a nuc...
66  cards
biological molecules (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins)
Covalent boned
67  cards
Name 2 features of enzymes,
Know the role of amino acids in e...,
What do many enzymes end in
55  cards
biolgical membranes
What does the cell surface membra...,
What are the two types of transpo...,
What are intrinsic proteins
41  cards
cell division
Why do cells divide,
How doe cells divide,
What are the 3 things that must h...
65  cards
Exchange surfaces
State 3 factors that affect the n...,
What tends to require a circulato...,
Name 3 feature of an efficient ex...
79  cards
transport in animals
How does the level of activity of...,
State 4 characteristics of a smal...,
State 4 characteristics of a mult...
94  cards
communicable diseases
What are the four types of organi...,
What is communicable disease,
What are pathogens
85  cards
What is a species,
What is biodiversity
46  cards
classification and evolution
Why do we classify state 4 reasons,
What are the problems with using ...,
Outline the other possible approa...
78  cards
Recycling materials in the ecosystem
Name the two types of decomposer,
What is this form of nutrition fu...,
Why does decomposition result in ...
38  cards
transport in plants
What substances do plants need to...,
What substances do plants need to...,
What is the function of the xylem...
55  cards
communicable diseases SLOP
State the kingdom of organism tha...,
State the kingdom of organism tha...,
Give one plant disease caused by ...
40  cards
stages of mitosis and meiosis
What happens at prophase,
What happens in metaphase,
What happens in anaphase
12  cards
exchange surface and transport SLOP
State the three main factors that...,
Explain why smaller organisms hav...
2  cards
module 3 exchange and transport (booklet 2)
Small simple organisms,
Multicellular organisms,
Large multicellular organisms nee...
12  cards
communication and homeostasis
What are the two types of cell si...,
What is cell signalling,
What is an example of cell signal...
41  cards
What is the word equation for pho...,
What is the chemical equation of ...,
What is meant by the term limitin...
71  cards
neuronal communication
What is the reflex arc,
Name 4 receptors,
What is cell signaling
66  cards
plant reponses
What are physical defences
32  cards
hormonal communication
What is an exocrine,
What is an endocrine,
What is the definition of
43  cards
What is the word equation for aer...,
What is the difference between an...,
Why do we need energy
62  cards
excretion - the liver
What is secretion,
Give examples of a hormone,
Give 2 examples enzymes
20  cards
cellular control
What is a mutation,
What is the function of the lac o...,
What is a gene mutation
37  cards
What is ultrafiltration,
What is selective reabsorption,
What is secretion
34  cards
patterns of inheritance
What is a genotype,
What is a phenotype,
What is homozygous
65  cards
Animal responses (the nervous system and the brain)
What is the somatic response volu...,
What is the autonomic response in...,
What are the two types of nervous...
20  cards
muscle notes
What are the 3 types of muscles,
What are the key things to note a...,
What are the key things to note a...
22  cards
manipulating genomes
What is a genome,
What does the term genome technol...,
When might pcr technology be useful
70  cards
What is biotechnology,
Why must we ensure that we prvent...,
Why do we not wanted unwanted bac...
33  cards
What is plant cloning by vegetati...,
Why can plants more readily asexu...,
Where do you cut for cutting
17  cards

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