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3.1 - Exchange Surfaces and Breathing
What four things need to be inter...,
In what two ways can exchange occur,
In what way are small organisms a...
38  cards
3.2 - Transport In Animals
Why do multicellular animals need...,
What is an open circulatory system,
What is an closed circulatory system
40  cards
1 - Practical Skills
What does accuracy mean,
What does anomaly mean,
What does confidence mean
12  cards
2.2 - Biological Molecules
Describe the formation of a coval...,
How many bonds do the following e...,
How does hydrogen bonding occur b...
77  cards
2.5 - Biological Membranes
What are the roles of membranes w...,
Explain why phospholipids form a ...,
Why is the cell surface membrane ...
23  cards
2.1 - Cell Structure
What is the structure and functio...,
What is the structure and functio...,
What is the structure and functio...
30  cards
2.6 - Cell Division, Cell Diversity and Cell Diffentiation
What happens in the m phase of th...,
What happens in the g0 gap 0 phas...,
What happens in the g1 gap 1 phas...
20  cards
2.3 - Nucleic Acids
Describe the structure of dna,
How is dna organised in cells,
What are nucleotides
28  cards
2.4 - Enzymes
What is an enzyme,
Give an example and function of a...,
Give an example and function of a...
32  cards
4.1 - Communicable Diseases
What is a pathogen,
What are the four types of pathogens,
What is a communicable disease
41  cards
3.3 - Transport in Plants
Why do plants need transport systems,
How is the xylem adapted to its f...,
Compare and contrast vascular tis...
41  cards
4.2 - Biodiversity
What is biodiversity,
What is a habitat,
What is a species
60  cards
4.3 - Classification and Evolution
Define species,
What are the basics of the taxono...,
What is the taxonomic hierarchy
27  cards
6.4 - Cloning and Biotechnology
What is a clone how is it derived...,
What is vegetative propagation,
Describe 7 different examples of ...
40  cards
5.7 - Respiration
Why do living organisms need energy,
Define a catabolic reaction,
Define an anabolic reaction
40  cards
6.5 - Ecosystems
What is a producer,
What is a consumer,
What is a primary secondary terti...
59  cards
6.6 - Populations and Sustainability
What is population size,
Explain and label the growth curve,
What is the carrying capacity
39  cards
6.3 - Manipulating Genomes
What do restriction enzymes do,
What is a palindromic sequence,
What is a sticky end and why are ...
55  cards
5.6 - Photosynthesis
Describe the interrelationship be...,
What is the compensation point,
How do compensation points differ...
19  cards
5.5 - Plant and Animal Responses
Why do plants respond to stimuli,
Give an example of plants respond...,
Give an example of plants respond...
72  cards
6.1 - Cellular Control
What is an exon,
What is an intron,
Why is the term junk dna misleading
32  cards
5.3 - Neural Communication
What is a sensory receptor,
Name stimuli their receptor and t...,
What is the pacinian corpuscle
37  cards
6.2 - Patterns of Inheritance
How does sexual reproduction lead...,
Explain the meaning of the term c...,
Other than inheriting characteris...
57  cards
5.1 - Communication and Homeostasis
State the conditions within a cel...,
Which external changes does an or...,
Describe the features of an effec...
27  cards
5.2 - Excretion
What is excretion,
What is secretion,
What is egestion
54  cards
5.4 - Hormonal Communication
Define the endocrine system,
Define hormones,
Define target cells
22  cards

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