biology - genetics

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Intracellularly - Meiosis
What is the process of meiosis brief
37  cards
Intracelluarly - Mitosis
What causes chromosomal condensation,
How does chromosome compaction af...
49  cards
Intracellularly - Chromosomes
What is an example of the variabi...,
C value paradox,
What species has genomes thirty t...
29  cards
Intracellularly - Mitosis Regulation
What does cdk1 cyclin b do in mit...,
How is the chromosome condensed,
What does cdk1 cb do in metaphase
71  cards
Intracellularly - Telomeres
What happens when telomeres becom...,
What are telomeres improtant for
42  cards
Evolution - Causes
What are the endogenous causes of...,
Why might mutagenesis occur in dn...
36  cards
Evolution - Chromosome Abnormaltiies
Types of euploidy
59  cards
Evolution - Karyotypes
How can karyotype be visualised,
Chromosome mapping
39  cards
Biochemistry - Transcription
What are the two steps of protein...,
Rna polymerase,
What does rnap ii do
32  cards
Biochemistry PS - Translation
What is the first step in transla...,
What do eif4f a and b function to do,
What happens after eif4f recruitment
42  cards
Biochemistry - Gene Regulation
Housekeeping genes,
Example of housekeeping genes,
41  cards
Biochemistry - Control of Development
What is control of development,
What does gene control depend on,
What is cell fate based on
35  cards
Biochemistry - Drosophilia Genetic Control
How can gene differentiation inte...,
Early stages of development in dr...,
Maternal genes
38  cards
Evolution - DNA Mutations
Missense mutaiton,
Point mutaitons,
75  cards

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biology - genetics

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