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(lusuma) medical cell biology and genetics

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S1) Basic Cell Structure
State the structure and function ...,
State the structure and function ...,
State the structure and function ...
26  cards
S1) Introduction to DNA
What are nucleic acids and what d...,
Identify the two types of nucleic...,
Describe the structure of dna
30  cards
S2) Mitosis and Meiosis
Identify all the stages in the ce...,
Describe what happens the g1 phas...,
Describe what occurs in the s phase
44  cards
S3) DNA Repair & Cancer
What is dna replication stress,
Identify 3 causes of dna replicat...,
Nucleotide misincorporation is a ...
18  cards
S4-5) Protein Structure
Describe the molecular structure ...,
How are amino acids be classified,
How do amino acids bond together
45  cards
S4) Enzymes
What are enzymes and what do they do,
Identicy 5 characteristics of enz...,
What is an active site
40  cards
S6) Genotype, Phenotype, Inheritance
What is a pedigree chart,
State 2 purposes of a pedigree chart,
Why is it important to establish ...
44  cards
S7) Gene Expression
What is a codon,
What is a stop codon,
Identify 3 stop codons
32  cards
S8) Post-translational Modifications
Describe the basis for post trans...,
Identify and describe 2 forms of ...,
What are the 2 different post tra...
25  cards
S9) Introduction to DNA Mutation
What is a mutation,
Identify two sources of exogenous...,
What is the general effect of exo...
15  cards
S9) Protein Targeting and Collagen Biosynthesis
What is collagen,
Identify some structures composed...,
What is the basic unit of collagen
24  cards
S10) Protein Function — Oxygen Transport
What is haemoglobin and what does...,
What is myoglobin and what does i...,
Describe the binding of oxygen to...
15  cards
S10) Regulation of Protein Function
How are proteins regulated in the...,
Identify 3 ways in which enzyme c...,
How can proteins be regulated in ...
30  cards
S11) Introduction to Molecular Diagnosis
What are restriction endonuclease...,
What are sticky ends and what do ...,
What are restriction sites
30  cards
S12) Advanced Molecular Techniques
Identify the three different ways...,
Which two techniques can be used ...,
Which five techniques can be used...
19  cards
S13) DNA Mutations
What is a mutation,
Describe 4 ways in which mutation...,
Distinguish between a somatic mut...
15  cards
S14) Chromosomal Mutations
What is cytogenetics,
What are the benefits of cytogene...,
In terms of constitutional abnorm...
34  cards
S15) Epigenetics
Identify the symptoms of sickle c...,
Describe the treatment for sickle...,
Describe the molecular basis for ...
18  cards
S16) Nutrition, Diet and Body Weight
What is energy,
Which five cellular processes occ...,
Illustrate the adp atp cycle in t...
50  cards
S17) Energy Production — Carbohydrates
Define the terms endergonic and e...,
What is the atp adp cycle,
What does the atp adp cycle do
50  cards
S18) Energy Production — TCA Cycle & ETC
Describe the structure of the mit...,
Pyruvate from stage 1 glycolysis ...,
Where does the link reaction occur
30  cards
S18) Energy Production III — Lipids, β-Oxidation & Ketone Bodies
Identify and describe the three d...,
Explain how energy storage varies...,
Describe the structure of triacyg...
34  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is scurvy,
What are malabsorption conditions,
What is mitochondrial disease
19  cards

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