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XI: Chapter 1- The Living World
What are the twin characteristics...,
Mule is the hybrid of,
Hinny is the hybrid of
60  cards
XI: Chapter 2- Biological Classification
Who was the earliest to give a sc...,
Aristotles classification was bas...,
Aristotle divided plants into
274  cards
XI: Chapter 3- Plant Kingdom
Chromatophores are found in which...,
Who were the main propounders of ...,
Who were the main propounders of ...
104  cards
XI: Chapter 4: Animal Kingdom
Which level of body organisation ...,
In which phylum did organ system ...,
What is present between the ectod...
289  cards
XI: Chapter 5: Morphology of flowering plants
What are binneal plants,
What is a woody climber called,
Give an example of a liana
213  cards
XI: Chapter 6- Anatomy of flowering plants
Who is the father of plant anatomy,
What is epiblema,
How many layers are present in pl...
194  cards
XI: Chapter 7- Structural organization in animals
Who gave the term animal tissue,
In which phylum did tissues first...,
Who gave the term histology
458  cards
XI: Chapter 8- Cell the unit of life
Who is the father of cytology,
Who is the father of microscopy,
Who coined the term cell
180  cards
XI: Chapter 9- Biomolecules
Which is the most abundant organi...,
Name the three most abundant inor...,
Name the three most abundant inor...
103  cards
XI: Chapter 10- Cell cycle and cell division
In the 24 hours duration of human...,
In which phase do the centrioles ...,
What occurs in g2 phase
37  cards
XI: Chapter 11- Transport in plants
Who is the father of plant phisio...,
Who is the father of india plant ...,
What are the water channels in ce...
67  cards
XI: Chapter 12- Mineral Nutrition
Who developed the science of hydr...,
What is the concentration of macr...,
Give the examples of beneficial e...
98  cards
XI: Chapter 13- Photosynthesis
C h o n mg is the molecular formu...,
C55h74o6n4mg is the molecular for...,
C35h32o5n4 is the molecular formu...
101  cards
XI: Chapter 14- Respiration
What is the respiratory substrate...,
What is floating respiration,
What is protoplasmic respiration
73  cards
XI: Chapter 15- Plant growth and development
Who developed arc auxanometre,
Which device is used to measure t...,
What is the term r in the equatio...
81  cards
XI: Chapter 16- Digestion and absorption
What is the calorific value of ca...,
What is the calorific value of pr...,
What is the calorific value of fat
246  cards
XI: Chapter 17- Breathing and gaseous exchange
What are nasal conchae,
What works as an air conditioner ...,
Which bones form the conchae
102  cards
XI: Chapter 18-Body fluids and circulation
Which type of circulatory system ...,
Who discovered blood vessel flow,
Which blood vessel artery or vein...
122  cards
XI: Chapter 19- Excretory products and their elimination
What is the excretory product of ...,
On which surface is the kidney co...,
Which kidney is situated lower th...
75  cards
XI: Chapter 20- Movement and locomotion
What is the outermost covering su...,
What is the epimysium made of,
What is the perimysium
158  cards
XI: Chapter 21- Neural control
Ganglion first appeared in which ...,
Brain like structure first which ...,
How does the antiport in sodium p...
260  cards
XI: Chapter 22- Chemical control and coordination
Who is known as the father of end...,
Epinephrin is a derivative of,
Melatonin is a derivative of
85  cards
Cca base sequence is present in w...,
In which year was genetically eng...,
Are natural killer cells granular...
219  cards
XII: Chapter 1- Reproduction in organisms
The life spans of organisms are c...,
Clones are only genetically simil...,
How many layers does the cyst wal...
71  cards
XII: Chapter 2- Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
In a flower what is the proximal ...,
How many wall layers surround the...,
Which layers of microsporangium h...
155  cards
XII: Chapter 3- Human reproduction
How many testicular lobules are p...,
How many seminiferous tubules are...,
What lines the inside of the semi...
348  cards
XII: Chapter 4- Reproductive health
On which days of menstrual cycle ...,
Which is the fertile period of me...,
What is lng 20
39  cards
XII: Chapter 5- Principles of inheritance and variations
When did mendel conduct his exper...,
How many true breeding pea plant ...,
What are the units orf inheritance
137  cards
XII: Chapter 6- Molecular basis of inheritance
What is the haploid content of hu...,
What type of chemical compound is...,
What type of chemical compound in...
173  cards
XII: Chapter 7 - Evolution
When was the earth formed,
Which gases covered the surface o...,
What was the theory of spontaneou...
86  cards
XII: Chapter 8- Human health and diseases
Who discovered blood circulation,
Which test is used for the confor...,
Loss of appetite is the symptom o...
216  cards
XII: Chapter 9- Strategies of enhancement in food production
What percent of the worlds livest...,
Which is the best breeding method...,
Hisardale is a new brand of sheep...
83  cards
XII: Chapter 10- Microbes in human welfare
Toddy a traditional drink of some...,
The holes in swiss cheese are due...,
Are wine and beer distilled
24  cards
XII: Chapter 16- Environmental Issues
When was the environmental protec...,
Should the velocity of the air pa...,
According to _____________ partic...
57  cards
XII: Chapter 11- Biotechnology: principles and processes
Name the two core techniques that...,
The construction of the first rec...,
Which scientists first accomplish...
33  cards
XII: Chapter 12- Biotechnology and its application
Give examples of lepidopterans,
Proteins coded by which genes con...,
Proteins coded by which gene cont...
44  cards
XII: Chapter 13- Organisms and populations
The study of interactions among o...,
Tuna fishes are rare caught beyon...,
What is the salt concentration in...
88  cards
XII: Chapter 14- Ecosystem
What is considered as a global ec...,
The vertical distribution of spec...,
Name the components of an ecosystem
73  cards
XII: Chapter 15- Biodiversity and conservation
Which sociobiologist popularised ...,
What is the share of india to the...,
How many mega diverse countries a...
51  cards

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