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Lecture 1, Introduction to Biomechanics - Defining Terms and Concepts
Defining kinesiology,
Defining biomechanics,
The history of biomechanics
18  cards
Lecture 2, Defining Force: Pushing + Pulling Influences
Defining force,
What are 3 things that force can ...,
What are 3 factors that force is ...
30  cards
Lecture 3, Linear Kinematics - Describing Linear Movements
What does it mean to move how do ...,
Linear change angular,
Classifying motion
13  cards
Lecture 4, Projectile Motion - Describing Movements Through the Air
Kinematics of a projectile,
Vertical motion of a projectile
13  cards
Lecture 6, Linear Kinetics - Momentum and Impulses
Understanding forces,
Newton s first law,
11  cards
Lecture 7, Work Power, Energy
Mechanical work,
Positive work and negative work,
Dot scalar work
18  cards
Lecture 9, Defining Torque - Rotary Influences
Centre of gravity,
Locating the center of gravity mass,
Forces and movement what happens ...
19  cards
Lecture 10, Classifying Motion
Angular motion what are the three...,
Angular motion internal and external,
Anatomical reference position
34  cards
Lecture 11, General Motion - Describing Linear and Angular Movements
Forms of motion,
General motion,
Relating linear and angular varia...
16  cards
Lecture 12, Revisiting Newton's Law - Torques Creating Rotations
Newton s first law,
Calculating rotational inertia,
Principal moment of inertia planes
17  cards
Lecture 13, Balance and Stability - Keeping it All in Check
What s the best way to walk to ti...,
The center of gravity,
The position of the center of gra...
17  cards
Lecture 14, Biomechanical Analysis
Biomechanical analysis what is it,
Biomechanical analysis what type ...,
Qualitative analysis of movement
29  cards
Lecture 15, Biomechanics of the Body
The skeletal system,
Defining force,
Area mechanical stress
29  cards
Lecture 16, Electromyography
A shokingly fruitful accident,
The motor unit,
The motor unit 2
31  cards
Lecture 17, Biomechanical Applications
Canon of proportions,
The anatomy of a sprinter heel
12  cards

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