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Biotechnology lab 2
What is the objective of this lab,
What is the first step to induce ...,
What is the most popular vector
27  cards
Biotech lab 3-background
What does the electrophoresis of ...,
What reagent and things will be u...,
What does the sds do to the indiv...
22  cards
Biotech lab 3-protocol
At the start of the lab to make s...,
What is used to fill the plates w...,
What is used to make the resolvin...
24  cards
Biotech lab 3-staining SDS-PA gels-background
What stain will we be using,
What is coomasie brilliant blue,
How are proteins separated by sds...
6  cards
Staining protocol
What is the stain composed of,
What is the destain solution made of,
What is the staining protocol
4  cards
Biotech lab 5
After adding ammonium bicarbonate...,
What is in the destaining solution,
What band is taken from the sds p...
19  cards
What is used to re suspend the pr...,
What is pre clearing,
What is done to the precleared ly...
23  cards
Biotech-western blotting and chemiluminescence
Once the membrane is taken out of...,
How is the methanol rinsed off,
What is the blocking solution
20  cards
Amino-acid names and abbreviations
20  cards
Biotech Final-Lecture 1
What is a puf,
What is bioinformatics,
What are two different common com...
13  cards
Biotech Final - Lab 1
What is a homolog,
An effective method for analyzing...,
What are conserved domains
10  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 2
What quantity of recombinant prot...,
The expressed protein is purified...,
What is the log phase
22  cards
Biotech Final - Lab 2
What was the objective of lab 2,
What is a plasmid,
How is a plasmid introduced
18  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 3
What is the separation of protein...,
Sds page is an analytical tool fo...,
Migration of proteins in sds page...
19  cards
Biotech Final - Lab 3
The electrophoresis of proteins u...,
What strong anionic detergent is ...,
What is used to reduce proteins t...
16  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 4
What is the significance ie what ...,
What are the basic very basic ste...,
What was the lab objective lab 4
26  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 5: Literally any and everything you need to know about MS
What does the mass spec instrumen...,
What is the mass accuracy of the ...,
What is the sensitivity of the ma...
32  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 6
What is the difference between pr...,
What is the difference between ad...,
What are the different applicatio...
8  cards
Biotech Final - Lab 7
What are the two major advantages...,
Mammalian cell culture techniques...,
What are the limitations of cell ...
21  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 7
Outline the steps from lysing ani...,
What are proteomics,
The proteome is only analyzed onc...
26  cards
Biotech Final - Lab 8
Immunoprecipitation followed by s...,
What is an antigen,
How does one make an antibody to ...
13  cards
Biotech Final - Lecture 8
What are the basic steps of immun...,
What is the luminol chemiluminesc...,
Western blotting is used to
5  cards
Biotech lab week 2-quiz on protocol-Day 3
What is added initially to the re...,
Before the addition of the enzyme...,
What should the total reaction vo...
21  cards
Biotech W16-Lab day 4-week 2-protocol quiz
For the determination of biotin l...,
What sample is kept between a b a...,
What are the dilutions that are m...
30  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Week 3-4 Background
To perform analysis by southern b...,
Restriction digest can be perform...,
In this lab we will be performing...
38  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Week 3,4 - Day 5 Protocol: Gel electrophoresis of restriction digested genomic DNA fragments
What does the gel contain,
Before running the gel it must be...,
Once receiving the restriction gd...
11  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Week 3,4 - Day 5 Protocol: Denaturation of an agarose gel
Prior to transfer and hybridizati...,
What is the purpose of the acid bath,
What is the purpose of the alkali...
20  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Week 3,4 - Day 5 Protocol: Upward DNA capillary transfer
What will be used as the solid su...,
What is done with the wick papers,
What is added to the buffer reser...
16  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Week 3,4 - Day 6 Protocol: Fixation of DNA to a membrane
Following transfer the position o...,
What was the purpose of placing t...,
What was done to ensure that dna ...
3  cards
Really crappy biotech cue cards for last minute studying before midterm
The resulting membrane after capi...,
What is the additional insurance ...,
Once the dna is permanently bound...
23  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Flow Cytometry
Flow cytometry is a very powerful...,
Flow cytometry is commonly used i...,
Flow cytometry is employed as bot...
15  cards
quiz today for flow cytometry
Name two treatments used in the l...,
Name the major components of the ...,
What does forward scattering tell...
5  cards
really shitty biotech review for flow cytometry part 2 (rhyme for the mixtape)
Monocytes originate in the _____ ...,
Monocytes are a type of ________ ...,
After a short _______ ______ of 1...
32  cards
biotech quizerino for flow cytometry 2
What are monocytes,
What are macrophages,
How can monocytes be induced to d...
4  cards
RNA interference, RNA isolation and introduction to RT-PCR
Total rna is a term to describe what,
______ is transcribed as a ______...,
____ is involved in protein _____...
33  cards
biotech siRNA part 2
Rt pcr makes how many products,
Rt pcr allows one to measure the ...,
What is a housekeeping gene
16  cards
Biotechnology (W16) - Recombinant DNA technology
The ability of researchers to man...,
The term _________ ___ refers to ...,
Most of the tools of recombinant ...
24  cards
Biotech - Final Exam concept review
What is stringency,
What is high stringency,
What is low stringency
47  cards

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