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Overview of Genome Transmission and Expression
What is dna known as,
What is rna known as,
What is protein known for
50  cards
Amino Acids and Mutation
How many possible codons code for...,
T or f most amino acids can be en...,
35  cards
Review of Chemical Principles in Mol Bio
What are biological molecules com...,
What do atoms contain,
What is the structure of atoms
54  cards
DNA Structure
What is the name of a nucleotide,
What do nucleotides comprise of,
What do nucleosides comprise of
79  cards
RNA Structure
Why is rna almost always a single...,
What is post transcriptional modi...,
What is an example of post transc...
36  cards
Protein Structure
What is the structure of proteins,
What are the components of amino ...,
What is amphipathic
92  cards
Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
What are antibodies composed of,
What is the structure of antibodies,
What do antibodies contain
53  cards
PCR, Mutagenesis, DNA and RNA-Seq
What is the function of dna hybri...,
How are dna fragments cut,
How are different fragments separ...
47  cards
DNA Replication and Telomeres
What direction is dna replication,
Where is the dna double helix opened,
What are exposed at replication f...
62  cards
Chromatin Structure
How is dna organized,
What is chromatin,
What are histones
45  cards
Molecular Catalysis and Energetics
Chemical systems tend to _ free e...,
What is free energy,
What direction does the reaction ...
30  cards
Chiolo Lecture 1
What repair mechanism corresponds...,
What are sources of dna damage,
How were dna repair genes identified
30  cards
Chiolo Lecture 2
What repair mechanism is used to ...,
What health issue is caused by ba...,
What is adenomatous polyposis
36  cards
Chiolo Lecture 3
What does trans lesion synthesis ...,
What is a disadvantage of trans l...,
What does trans lesion synthesis ...
39  cards
Chiolo Lecture 4
How are dsbs repaired,
What are the characteristics of n...,
What are the characteristics of a...
22  cards
Chiolo Lecture 6
What is branch migration,
What are the different pathways o...,
What does single strand annealing...
17  cards
Chiolo Lecture 7
What initiates resection,
What extends resection,
What binds to ssdna following res...
32  cards
Chiolo Lecture 8
What are the critical components ...,
What are the steps to hr repair,
How are hr and nhej regulated
27  cards
Chiolo Lecture 9
How can dsbs be studied,
What experiments allow to identif...,
What is the mobility of chromosom...
23  cards
Chiolo Lecture 10
0  cards

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