block d - digestion and metabolism

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Anatomy Lecture 1 -- Abdomen 1
List the 7 layers of the anterior...,
List and identify the 5 parts of ...,
Describe the directionality of th...
65  cards
Histology Lecture 1 -- Esophagus and Stomach
4 basic layers of the gi tract,
3 layers of the mucosa,
3 types of fibres found in the la...
90  cards
Histology Lecture 2 -- Small and Large Intestines
Give the proportions of the small...,
Length of duodenum,
3 divisions of the duodenum
71  cards
Anatomy Lecture 2 -- Abdomen 2
6 landmark lines and planes of th...,
Describe the precise location of ...,
Describe the precise location of ...
57  cards
Anatomy Lecture 3 -- Abdomen 3
Identify the,
2 sphincters associated with the ...,
2 sphincters at the lower end of ...
70  cards
Histology Lecture 3a -- Oral Mucosas
Describe the epithelium of the sk...,
Layer beneath the epithelium of t...,
2 layers of the dermis
73  cards
Histology Lecture 3b -- Salivary Glands
From what are glands derived,
3 steps in the development of glands,
Define exocrine
84  cards
Clinical Methods -- Oral Physical Exam
Body parts included in the extrao...,
7 physical parts included in the ...,
5 general rules in dentistry
43  cards
History-Taking: Digestion and Metabolism
8 upper gi symptoms,
Describe dysphagia as a patient m...,
Causes to consider for dysphagia
24  cards
Pathology -- Diseases of the Upper GI Tract
Most common cause of esophagitis,
3 infectious etiologies of esopha...,
3 miscellaneous causes for esopha...
49  cards
Pathology -- Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Give 4 types of gi bleeding in de...,
Case fatality for ugi and lgi ble...,
Case fatality of patients 75 year...
63  cards
Physiology -- Deglutition and Dysphagia
3 functional activities of the git,
What do the pressure gradients of...,
Magnitude of the pressure gradien...
91  cards
Pathology -- GI Neoplasia
Define adenocarcinoma,
Define squamous cell carcinoma,
Define glandular differentiation
81  cards
Physiology -- Gastric Motility
7 steps for the wave of appropria...,
3 motor functions of the stomach,
Temporary storage capacity of sto...
54  cards
Physiology -- Gastric Secretion
Volume of mixed gastric juice,
Ionic composition of mixed gastri...,
Ph of mixed gastric juice
63  cards
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Define surveillance,
Define screening,
Requirements for a good screening...
61  cards
Physiology -- Intestinal Motility
4 functions of the upper small in...,
2 motor activities of the small i...,
Time for food to be propulsed thr...
61  cards
Physiology -- Intestinal Absorptive and Secretory Processes
4 enzymes that break down protein...,
Location of brunners glands,
Contents of brunners glands
105  cards
Pathology -- Defecatory Disorders
2 defecatory disorders,
9 causal conditions of constipation,
Define fecal incontinence as per ...
96  cards
Pathology -- Anorectal Disorders
3 anorectal disorders,
Define a hemorrhoid,
Why are hemorrhoids worrisome
54  cards
Anatomy Lecture 4 -- Solid Organs
3 solid organs related to the git,
Define the 1x3x5x7x8x9x11 rule,
Define the precise location of th...
62  cards
Dentistry -- Dental Caries
Correlation of poor oral health t...,
What kind of disease do oral dise...,
Prevalence of dental caries in ca...
45  cards
Pathology -- Autoimmune Diseases
Define malt,
Role of malt in the git,
What constitutes an effective bar...
93  cards
Pharmacology -- Antacids, motility and anti-motiliy agents
3 treatments for ulcers,
5 treatable git conditinos,
How are peptic ulcers formed
56  cards
Histology Lecture 4 -- Liver and Pancreas
Anatomic location of the liver,
What is the largset gland in the ...,
What is the liver covered by
72  cards
Metabolism -- Normal and Abnormal Carb Metabolism
G atp hyd,
Define catabolism,
Define anabolism
67  cards
Human Body Composition
2 major fluid compartments of the...,
2 subcompartments of the ecf,
Percent of body weight occupied b...
121  cards
Define nutrient,
Define esential nutrient,
2 reasons why a nutrient may be n...
50  cards
Endocrine System and Growth & Development
5 modes of hormone secretion,
2 sites of neuroendocrine secretion,
Endocrine product released from b...
10  cards

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