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Homeostasis & intracellular signaling
Who coined the word homeostasis i...,
What is the definition of homeost...,
What is stability
94  cards
Fundamental physiology basics if the neurologic exam Part 1 & 2
An excitable cell that receives a...,
Axons are carried in bundles true...,
Which neuronal cell bodies don t ...
98  cards
Fundamental physiologic basis of the dermatologic exam
How many layers are in the skin a...,
How thick is the epidermis in the...,
How thick is the epidermis everyw...
71  cards
Bacterial cell structure
Name the bacteria,
Name the bacteria,
Name the bacteria
33  cards
Bacterial taxonomics/INfection & Epidemiology
What are the four groups of micro...,
Which of the four groups of micro...,
Which of the four use chemical co...
76  cards
Intro to virology
What is a virus,
The process of getting a soluble ...,
Protein coat surrounding nucleic ...
25  cards
General Histology
Junctional adhesion molecules
23  cards
61  cards
Types of cell Injury
0  cards
DNA synthesis & cell cycle
The cell cycle consists of how ma...,
Which phase consists of 90 of the...,
Describe th g1 phase
133  cards
Principles of genetic disorders
What are the four types of geneti...,
What are the three types of point...,
Substitutions can be
45  cards
New growth aka tumour,
68  cards
Gastrointesinal anatomy and physiology based on abdominal exam
What is the alimentary canal,
What is the alimentary canal comp...,
Name the structures associated wi...
68  cards
Carbohydrates And Metabolism
One glucose is converted to gluco...,
Glycolysis which enzyme is needed...,
The enzymes of three irreversible...
68  cards
BMS quiz questions and answers
Which of the following is true re...,
Which of the following is true re...,
Which of the following is not typ...
35  cards
Lipids: Fatty Acid Structure
Two main classes of lipids,
Naming fatty acids 2 naming conve...,
Naming fatty acids 2 naming conve...
53  cards

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