bn 607 patho exam 1

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ageing: cardiovascular system
Major changes to blood vessels oc...,
What casues the inner lining of o...,
Micro insults occur from
13  cards
ageing: integumentary system
Changes to epidermis include,
Decrease in melanocytes in epider...,
Decreased ability to make vitamin...
22  cards
dental lecture
How many nz chilren develop denta...,
Why are children more susceptable...,
Caries are
18  cards
cardio: atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis causes,
Atherosclerosis info,
Atherosclerosis happens form
6  cards
cardio: peripherial arterial disease
Peripherial arterial disease aka,
Peripherial arterial disease occu...,
Pvd in lover legs
7  cards
cardiac: thrombosis
Thrombosis is,
What is virchows triad,
How is thrombosis diagnosed
7  cards
cardiac: embolism
Embolism is,
Types of embolus,
Pulmonary embouls symptons
4  cards
cardio: left sided heart failure
Hear failure is when,
Diastolic heart failure,
Systolic heart failure
14  cards
Obstuctive airway diseases,
Asthma features
10  cards
Gord meaning,
Gord causes,
What happens in gord
23  cards
RBC: disseminated intravascular coagulation
Dic meaning,
Triggering event of dic,
What happens in dic
6  cards
RBC: anemia
Anemia is,
What could go wrong with anemia,
21  cards
Detection and diagnosis,
Types of scans for diagnosis of c...,
Diagmosis of cancer includes
15  cards
Blast cells,
28  cards
Penicilins are a,
Beta lactam,
17  cards
respiratory pharma
Respiratory treatements 9,
Oxygen as treatment,
3  cards

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bn 607 patho exam 1

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