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Any of the sciences such as socio...,
Critical judgment discernment or ...,
The consicience use of skill craf...
27  cards
71  cards
The religion founded on the teach...,
A building for public christian w...,
An early christian church charact...
88  cards
A phenomenon of light and visual ...,
The distribution of energy emitte...,
Designating a color having high l...
41  cards
Computer Graphics
The field of computer science tha...,
A digital image that consists of ...,
A digital image created and defin...
52  cards
The creation and organization of ...,
The shape and structure of someth...,
The outline or surface configurat...
205  cards
A vaulted structure having a circ...,
A curved line describing a vertic...,
A circular line describing a hori...
30  cards
The art process or technique of r...,
A method or procedure for accompl...,
The technique of drawing lines to...
131  cards
A defensive military work constru...,
Surrounded by or as if by a rampart,
A projection part of a rampart or...
54  cards
A branch of mathematics that deal...,
A dimensionless geometric element...,
The axis along which ordinates or...
148  cards
A systematic often chronological ...,
An advanced state of human societ...,
An enduring and cooperating large...
200  cards
Any of five styles of classical a...,
The crowning member of a classica...,
The projecting slablike member of...
74  cards
An acess,
A pictorial sign or symbol,
An ancient drawing or writing scr...
138  cards
A form of development that meets ...,
A three dimensional framework for...,
One of the three dimensional fram...
136  cards
An edifice or place dedicated to ...,
Of or pertaining to religious obj...,
Of or pertaining to the temporal ...
184  cards
A building part of a building or ...,
An open air theater usually hollo...,
The circular space in front of th...
72  cards
A portion of space within a build...,
A large room or building for publ...,
A long relatively narrow room or ...
44  cards
An arched structure of stone bric...,
A course of keystones in the crow...,
A horizontal course forming the a...
40  cards
Community facilities,
Community facilitiesno of lots an...,
Community facilitiesno of lots an...
160  cards
Ra9266 34,
44  cards
PD 1096
Purpose of the code,
Scope of application the national...,
All on site work done from site p...
340  cards
What pd 957 covers,
What pd 957 covers
54  cards
BP 344
79  cards
RA 9266
Ra 9266,
Repealing clause ra 9266 repeals ...,
Full title of ra 9266
208  cards
Spp 201,
Spp 202,
Spp 203
194  cards
RA 9514
Ra 9514,
Repealing clause ra 9514 repeals____,
Focus on three rules rule 3 ____ ...
68  cards
TAPP by Pedro
A harmonious design requires that...,
A house is a machine for living in,
Architecture is the learned game ...
973  cards
History PPT
______v is the only extant human ...,
Neanderthals uk ni aend r t l als...
582  cards
Philippine Architecture (from PPT)
Prehistoric cave shelters were th...,
Indigenous filipinos who still co...,
Rock hewn fortresses
239  cards
SPP 201
Spp standards of professional pra...,
A registered and licensed archite...,
Architectural firm a juridical pe...
62  cards
UAP Doc 301
Section 1,
Contract documents
319  cards
SPP 202
92  cards
SPP 203
108  cards
SPP 204a
22  cards
SPP 204b
18  cards
SPP 205
18  cards
SPP 206
30  cards
SPP 207
23  cards
SPP 208
61  cards
SPP 209
76  cards
Minimum Dimensions
Height of door knob
66  cards
The total land area of the project,
Total project acreage minus open ...,
Number of residential units total...
136  cards

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