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Mosby Ch 2 An Overview of Cancer and Management Modalities
Benign tumors 8,
Malignant tumors 9,
Cancer screening recommendations ...
33  cards
Black and Yellow
Regarding linear accelerators whi...,
1 msv is equal to ____ rem,
If the total body is exposed to a...
220  cards
14th Annual Webinar Review Exam 1
Identify the characteristics of i...,
Identify techniques used to move ...,
Select all that apply to the fabr...
4  cards
Cesium 137 cs 137,
Cobalt 60 co 60,
Carbon 14 c 14
14  cards
W/L Ch 1 Cancer: An Overview Quiz
Knowledge of cancer dates back to...,
Which of the following is not a t...,
Tumor suppressor genes are also k...
44  cards
W/L Ch 2 The Ethics and Legal Considerations Quiz
What is the study of ethical issu...,
Which of the following is not a s...,
Which of the following is a theor...
25  cards
W/L Ch 3 Principles of Pathology Quiz
The three most common procedures ...,
The purpose of the staging system...,
What is the main difference betwe...
25  cards
W/L Ch 4 Overview of Radiobiology Quiz
What is the typical oxygen enhanc...,
Which of the following is the mos...,
To calculate the nominal standard...
20  cards
W/L Ch 5 Detection and Diagnosis Quiz
A subjective indication of a dise...,
Making a fist and pounding gently...,
Which of the following is not con...
25  cards
W/L Ch 6 Medical Imaging Quiz
Therapeutically x rays in the 40 ...,
Components of a modern x ray tube...,
Interactions at the anode that pr...
23  cards
W/L Ch 7 Treatment Delivery Equipment Quiz
When did installation of the firs...,
Which of the following is not fou...,
Which of the following best descr...
24  cards
W/L Ch 8 Treatment Procedures Quiz
The radiation therapist is respon...,
Informed consent consists of whic...,
The comprehensive electronic medi...
28  cards
W/L Ch 9 Infection Control Quiz
The person to whom the infectious...,
Which of the following terms desc...,
What is the most important way to...
25  cards
W/L Ch 10 Pt Assessment Quiz
Dry desquamation occurs at ______...,
Which of the following is not one...,
Reflective listening involves lis...
19  cards
W/L Ch 11 Pharmocology and Drug Administration Quiz
Select the organ most commonly us...,
Select the most serious allergic ...,
Which of the following are includ...
20  cards
W/L Ch 12 Applied Math Review Quiz
Simplify 5x 4 xa 6x 4b 5x 5c 5x 3...,
Simplify a 2 5a a 10b a 7c a 32d ...,
Simplify 5 3b 2a 15b 2b 5 9b 2 c ...
22  cards
W/L Ch 13 Physics Quiz
Amu is an abbreviation for which ...,
How many seconds are there in 3 h...,
The force responsible for interac...
25  cards
W/L Ch 14 Brachytherapy Quiz
What is the half life of gold 198...,
Which of the following is an adva...,
Of the following which radionucli...
30  cards
W/L Ch 15 Special Procedures Quiz
Which of the following organs tha...,
Which of the following is a goal ...,
Besides the patient and reference...
25  cards
W/L Ch 16 Particle Therapy Quiz
What is one disadvantage of today...,
What are the typical therapeutic ...,
What is the shape of the proton b...
20  cards
W/L Ch 17 Safety and Protection Quiz
Electrons have a quality factor q...,
What is the radiation weighting f...,
What is the radiation weighting f...
31  cards
W/L Ch 18 Culture of Safety Quiz
The new accreditation program ini...,
Astro accreditation program asses...,
The appropriate management of cha...
19  cards
W/L Ch 19 Quality Improvement Quiz
Components of a quality improveme...,
Which of the following regulatory...,
Which organization guides specifi...
20  cards
W/L Ch 20 Surface and Sectional Anatomy Quiz
Which of the following imaging st...,
Which of the following describes ...,
Which of the following anatomic l...
48  cards
W/L Ch 21 Simulator Design Quiz
The central axis of the beam is _...,
The conventional simulator can de...,
In the conventional simulator the...
19  cards
W/L Ch 22 CT Sim Quiz
What is a maximum intensity proje...,
A ct scanner specifically designe...,
Which of the following are benefi...
11  cards
W/L Ch 23 Photon Dosimetry Quiz
Which of the following does not a...,
1 gy is equal to which of the fol...,
Which of the following defines dm...
40  cards
W/L Ch 24 Photon Dose Distribution Quiz
What is are spatial representatio...,
Which of the following statements...,
What determines the wedge angle a...
24  cards
W/L Ch 25 Electron Beam Quiz
Which processes are responsible f...,
What are electrons scattered with...,
Which processes are responsible f...
25  cards
W/L Ch 26 Electronic Charting and Imaging Mgnt Quiz
Which of the following is the mos...,
What communication standards are ...,
Electronic medical records emrs p...
30  cards
W/L Ch 27 Bone, Cartilage and STS Quiz
Which of the following is an acce...,
Where should the upper and lower ...,
In which anatomical location are ...
30  cards
W/L Ch 28 Lymphoreticular System Quiz
A mantle field is used to treat w...,
In what general anatomical locati...,
The spleen is commonly associated...
30  cards
W/L Ch 29 Endocrine System Quiz
Adrenocorticotropic hormone acth ...,
Cancer of which of the following ...,
Cancer of which of the following ...
30  cards
W/L Ch 30 Respiratory System Quiz
Assume the initial treatment port...,
At what anatomical location does ...,
Cancer in which lobe of the lung ...
24  cards
W/L Ch 31 H&N Quiz
After what dose of radiation does...,
After what dose of radiation may ...,
In which salivary gland do most s...
24  cards
W/L Ch 32 CNS Quiz
What is the current 5 year surviv...,
From which cells to medulloblasto...,
What is the most common type of b...
20  cards
W/L Ch 33 Digestive Quiz
At what age should a person of av...,
A three field technique using hin...,
Familial adenomatous polyposis fa...
24  cards
W/L Ch 34 GYN Quiz
Bolus may be used when treating w...,
Cancer of which female reproducti...,
Cancer of which organ can be gene...
20  cards
W/L Ch 35 Male Reproductive Quiz
A total dose of 7200 cgy in fract...,
A total dose of 2500 cgy in fract...,
Which cancer can be treated using...
25  cards
W/L Ch 36 Breast Cancer Quiz
At what age should women of norma...,
Inflammatory breast cancer is alw...,
Which treatment field arrangement...
19  cards
W/L Ch 37 Pediatric Quiz
Which of the following cancers wo...,
Children are most likely to devel...,
Ewing sarcomas are cancers of whi...
23  cards
W/L Ch 38 Skin Cancer Quiz
What is the most significant caus...,
What is the most common form of s...,
What form of skin cancer has the ...
19  cards
NCRP Recommended Dose Limits Travis Table 9.16 p 2114
Occupational exposures annual eff...,
Ocupational exposure annual cumul...,
Occupational exposures annual equ...
12  cards
TD 5/5 (3/3) COPY
Small intestine aka small bowel
44  cards

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