bomi law and risk management

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Chapter 1 Torts
Describe nominal damages,
Strict liability extends to what ...,
Describe punitive damages and the...
21  cards
Chapter 2 Contracts
When can the defense of impossibi...,
The state was awarded _______ dam...,
The excuse of impossibility of pe...
27  cards
Chapter 3 Types of Owners and their Employment Relationships
Which of the following is a major...,
Dual agency can properly occur wh...,
Under the agents duty to disclose...
29  cards
Chapter 4 Property Interests
Which of the following is a freeh...,
The right of one party to lawfull...,
The characteristics of a license ...
27  cards
Chapter 5 Conveying and Financing Real Estate
What is the purpose of title insu...,
Under most recording statutes a d...,
Permanent financing does not nece...
26  cards
Chapter 6 Lease and the Landlord-Tenant Relationship
What are the new owners obligatio...,
Under common law who has the resp...,
What specific lease clause gives ...
28  cards
Chapter 7 Environmental Law and Land Use Regulation
All of the following are provisio...,
What areas do zoning regulations ...,
If a propertys general use predat...
22  cards
Chapter 8 Introduction to Risk Management
Why are smaller companies more li...,
What are the five steps in the ri...,
All of the following are importan...
32  cards
Chapter 9 Insurers and Insurance Representatives
What are key indicators of an ins...,
In choosing an insurance agent it...,
Which of the following is not a c...
21  cards
Chapter 10 Insurance Company Operations
Most insureds purchase property a...,
Which of the following would not ...,
Which section of an insurance pol...
29  cards
Chapter 11 Property and Business Income Insurance
What kind of insurance policy cov...,
What is the preferred valuation m...,
Your company uses a small tractor...
23  cards
Chapter 12 General Liability, Automobile, and Umbrella Insurance
In a standard auto policy your em...,
What type of insurance covers phy...,
Louisa and robert have each appli...
28  cards
Chapter 13 Insurance for Employees and Professionals
After spending an afternoon movin...,
Georginas 401 k plan is a type of...,
Explain the purpose of a group th...
25  cards
Chapter 14 Environmental Liability Insurance
What type of insurance can be pur...,
What types of insurance policies ...,
What twelve types of situations c...
21  cards
Chapter 15 Handling the Claims Adjustment Process
Which of the following is not an ...,
What are the four options an insu...,
What is draft authority
26  cards

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