brannigan's building construction for the fire service- 5th edition

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Chapter 1- Introduction
__________ is another key element...,
Take a _______ risk to protect a ...,
A study of information that has b...
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Chapter 2- Concepts of Construction
Nfpa 5000 building construction a...,
The internal forces that resist t...,
__ a term meaning 1 000 pounds is...
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Chapter 3- Methods and Materials of Construction, Renovation, and Demolition
Structures that will be erected o...,
Ammonia has a flammability range ...,
Some materials are strong in tens...
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Chapter 4- Building and Fire Codes
The national fire protection asso...,
In addition to building codes the...,
Generally speaking unless a build...
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Chapter 5- Fire Behavior and Building Construction
The initial stage of a fire after...,
The secondary stage of a fire in ...,
A transition stage in which expos...
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Chapter 6- Features of Fire Protection
It is equally important to unders...,
The basis for regulation of flame...,
The test was developed by the lat...
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Chapter 7- Wood Frame Construction
Type v construction includes six ...,
Plumbers are often the culprits f...,
The basement of a __ frame buildi...
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Chapter 8- Heavy Timber and Mill Construction
While new mills are not being con...,
The construction of mills in the ...,
Characteristics of mill construct...
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Chapter 9- Ordinary Construction
The chief common characteristic o...,
In the typical downtown business ...,
The simple wood beam floor is sat...
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Chapter 10- Noncombustible Construction
What then is the difference betwe...,
Many noncombustible buildings are...,
Although the use of concrete is f...
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Chapter 11- Fire Resistive Construction
The problems that fire department...,
For any unit area steel has __ ti...,
Autoclaved aerated concrete units...
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Chapter 12- Firefighting Concerns of Green Construction
The stated objectives of the lead...,
For the purposes of studying gree...,
Green concrete includes __ wall p...
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Chapter 13- Specific Occupancy Related Construction Hazards
Exterior structural walls of gard...,
The usual height limit for these ...,
The __ of fixtures __ __ and the ...
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Chapter 14- Collapse
__ __ is perhaps the greatest col...,
__ collapses can and do happen du...,
Braced frame buildings are partic...
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